Golden Touch Craps - Dice Control Craps Seminars Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Memphis

Craps Seminars by Golden Touch Craps
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Primer Class $1595.00. Let the greatest dice controller in the world, The man with the Golden Arm, The Dominator, teach YOU how to WIN at craps.

Dominator is listed as the 8th best gambler of all time, Give him a call at 866-SET-DICE for a personal consultation on your goals when you go to a casino. You can also register for a seminar below.

Craps Dice Control Class Schedule

Primer Refresher Tune-up Open House Video Analysis Advanced
April 1st - April 3rd

Fri. only
May 20th – 22nd
Atlantic City

Fri. only

Fri. only
August 26th - August 28th
Las Vegas, NV

Fri. only

Fri. only
October 14th - October 16th
Atlantic City

Fri. only

Fri. only

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Primer Package, $1595

Your package includes:

  • Two-day dice control course (9:00AM to 5PM on Saturday; 9:00AM to 4PM on Sunday): You will learn all the elements of a Golden Touch controlled throw in an intense two-day class. Open house is Friday at 2:30, All are welcome and should attend.
  • Open House on Friday evening, FREE for everyone. Students can bring guests. GTC members and non-members are welcome to attend.
  • Golden Touch case
  • Golden Touch Pen
  • Golden Touch Mirror
  • Golden Touch Notebook
  • Pair of new casino dice
  • Two year free membership to private web site Golden Touch Craps Club (Retail price: $90)
  • Student/teacher ratio is no more than 5 to 1.
  • Refresher classes available at each location.
  • Primer Package cost is $1595 (Please call 1-866-SET-DICE to make a reservation.)

Golden Touch Refresher Class $1395

You've been practicing and playing. Make sure you have not let any little (or big) mistakes into your controlled throw. Let the GTC instructors watch you and comment on where you are now. This is an intense throwing course to make sure you are doing it all right!

Refresher Class Cost: $1395 (Please call 1-866-SET-DICE to make a reservation.)

Note: these sessions are for prior GTC students only.

Golden Touch Advanced Class $1595

This is the next level in dice control skill. Here is what you will be taught:

  1. The GTC LONGSHOT - a new shot some of you can use if you can't get your positions (already tested by SmartCraps)
  2. How to handle bouncy tables
  3. How to handle the new synthetic layouts
  4. Throwing with less backspin and why
  5. Throwing with more backspin and why
  6. Throwing with different trajectories and why
  7. Grip: Thumb placement lower and higher
  8. Breathing techniques at the tables
  9. Betting strategies - progressive aggressive
  10. Learn a new position for throwing
Note: these sessions are for prior GTC students only.

Golden Touch Elite Video Analysis $495

A picture or rather a video is worth a thousand words. You must have at least taken a primer course to take this elite video analysis of your throw. In this course we will film and discuss your throw in many ways, including:

  1. Super-super slow motion views of your throw and dice in the air using two cameras for two different views of your throw
  2. Stop action views of your throw and the dice in the air
  3. Angle analysis of all aspects of your throw
  4. Flight angles and analysis
  5. Pinpoint corrections to your throw based on dice characteristics during grip and in flight
  6. A flash drive of all the videos of your throw
  7. Two teachers per one student and a mentor taking notes that will be given to you!

Elite Video Analysis is $495 (Please call 1-866-SET-DICE to make a reservation.)

Note: these sessions are for prior GTC students only.

Golden Touch Tune Ups $200

The best athletes have coaches to watch them and to offer advice on their mechanics. Our one and one-half hour tune-ups are for GTC controlled shooters who wish to have their throw analyzed by our instructors. No more than four students per regulation craps tables.

Note: these tune-up sessions are individually scheduled on the noted dates, and for prior GTC students only. Please call to make a reservation.

Tune-Up Cost: $200 (Please call 1-866-SET-DICE to make a reservation.)


Call TOLL FREE: 1-866-SET-DICE, or 1-886-738-3423.