Is the GTC school worth it? Here is my answer.

Short answer: yes. Shockingly so.

Long answer: After 2 years of trying to become a DI, I took the Primer course last month in Vegas. I was hoping that, among the 2 days, I'd get a few minutes of personalized coaching from the world's best. Holy sh*t, did I underestimate the experience. Not only did I (and everybody else) get personalized "mechanics" review and extensive betting strategy advice directly from Dom, but also a 2 day round-robin format (30 minutes each, per each small group of 3) with another 10 of the world's best DI's.

Imagine that you're an aspiring billiards player and you meet 10 of the world's top pros, all of whom spend a half hour tweaking your mechanics and giving you little tips and secrets they's honed from decades of their own personal experience. That's what the class provides. In hindsight, I would gladly pay 5x the cost of the class. From a results perspective? After leaving the class on day 1, I headed straight downtown and on my 1st roll at Freement I finally (after 2 years of trying) qualified for my first damn hat - a 31 roller. On my first visit back to Vegas (this past weekend), I hit the full ATS at Westgate, and came very close several other times. I have a lot of training to do to reach the level I desire. I expect it will be a life long journey. But without a doubt, that single 2 day course advanced my game by years, if not decades. If you're serious about wanting to one day become "one of the best" (as I am), then this is a hands-down, no brainer, must-do experience.