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Lets talk craps tables, shall we? Here are some questions I have been asked by our fellow readers:

What are the standard dimensions of a regulation craps table?

There arent any "regulation craps tables" in the casinos. Casinos can decide what kind of tables they want in terms of height, types of railings, chip racks, width of table, and height of walls. They determine the size the of rubber pyramids, layout material and design.

How high is the layout area above the floor?

Most craps tables will have their layout (i.e., otherwise known as the "bottom" or "floorette" of the table) about 28 inches above the floor. This is the closest you will come to a "regulation" height. It is rare that you will find a craps table with floorettes that are more than 29 inches, or less than 27 inches above the floor.

Can you tell me the various lengths of a casino craps table?

Craps tables come in various lengths, the most common of which are 12-foot and 14-foot tables, which are known as "aircraft carriers." But there are also craps tables that are only 10-feet long and some craps tables that are 16-feet long as well these are known as, "Man, that table is bigger than my garage!"

What kind of material are the layouts made of?

The traditional material of a craps table layout is felt, but many new tables have several types of synthetic fibers substituting for the felt. Casinos have put in these fibers for three reasons; they last longer, they can be more colorful, and more creative designs can be made on them. Felt tends to wear more quickly than the synthetic fibers. Unfortunately, there is a big drawback to synthetic fibers they are very bouncy and the dice leave the table more often, which slows down your precision dice shooting. Most players will usually ask for the same dice. That forces the boxman to check the dice while the game stops. Even the rare players who dont ask for the same dice get three new dice passed to them, which means they have to select two this slows down the game as well. One pit boss had this to say about synthetic layout fibers, "The tables look great but I now spend so much of my time running around looking for the dice that have left the table that I want to go back to the traditional layouts." Another floor person said, "Many craps players prefer the old felt layouts. In fact, I dont know any players that like the synthetic fibers. Only management likes them but most of those people have never played craps and some have never even met a craps player!" My experience is that given a choice, craps players prefer the traditional felt layouts.

Where are the bets located on the craps tables?

This is another area that has an almost regulation feel, although betting areas can be somewhat different table to table. All craps tables have the regulation pass line going around the whole outside of the layout, with the "Dont Pass" just above it. The Field box, numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11, is just above the Dont Pass line. The Come area is the same on all tables; just above the Field and just below the box numbers of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 which are at the top of the layout.

In the corners at the top left and top right (top means closest to the box person) are the Dont Come boxes. In the center of the table are all the Proposition bets, or Crazy Crapper bets as the Captain calls them. Each is in a box of its own. You have the Hardway bets of 6, 8, under those you have the 4 and 10; you have the one-roll boxes of 2 and 12, then 3 and 11, then the Big Red, also called Any Seven at the bottom. Sometimes Big Red can be at the top of the Hardways bets.

Some craps table layouts will have boxes for various hop bets at the top of the Hardways boxes, and most tables will have the Craps and 11 boxes running down on either side of the other Proposition bets. Some tables in Vegas and other locations will have a 6 and 8 boxes on the lower right and left sides of the tables.

How many casino personnel staff a craps game?

You have the box person at the top middle of the table. He is usually sitting and his job is to watch every roll and all the payouts to make sure everything goes smoothly. On his right and left are two dealers who make the place bets and handle the Pass and Dont Pass, Come and Dont Come wagers. In the center of the table on the players side you have the stickman. He is in control of the Proposition or Crazy Crapper bets in the middle of the table. He is also in charge of pushing the dice to the players. Behind the craps table you have a floor person who is in charge of one or more tables. This individual rates the players wagering for the purposes of comps. In charge of a whole craps pit is the Pit Boss and the Pit Bosss job is to settle disputes and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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