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Las Vegas GTC Class Aug 2017 Report

Posted on our forum August 21, 2007 - by Preacher

Hello All,

We just finished the Las Vegas Golden Touch class Aug 18-20, 2017, class. My wife, RTR4Ever, took the Video Poker class on Friday. I took my 2nd class, the Refresher, on Saturday and Sunday, having taken the Primer in March 2017.

Wow. What an eye opening experience.

Prior to the Video Poker class, RTR4Ever (stands for Roll Tide Forever - I took the Alabama girl to Texas, but can't take the Alabama out of her) was a casual and very frustrated video poker (VP) player. I had taught her the basics for Jacks or Better, which was all I knew, and she never liked taking a low pair, like 5 and 5, over a face card, like an Ace. The class taught her strategies for Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, and others. She came back with some great strategy guides for each VP variant that fit in her purse, with an in depth understaning of each. She learned a bankroll management plan, that scales depending on the base bet (5c, 25c, $1, ...), which having a Business Accounting degree, she really appreciated. She also received some great software for her continued training and practice with all that was covered in the class. The software also lists the casinos with the best payout (9/5). And so much more. While I'm at the craps table, she is at VP, stopping by now and then to cheer me on.

For me, having learned all I could from books (mostly Dom's), YouTube (like the basics from Dom), and personal pain and suffering at the casino for a year, I took the Primer class 6 months ago March 2017. I practiced most every day since then, and, while I was doing well at the casino, I had hit a plateau, happy to double my buy-in. I wanted to go to the next level, so I went to the Aug 2017 class this last weekend.

Where to start. First, my son, RTAmerica (he's a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army) was able to join me. He took the Primer, having already received some training from me with his GTC Receiving Station. In my opinion, when it comes to throwing dice, my son is a natural. Add the professional training from the Primer to his natural ability, GTC has created a nightmare for the casino, and I could not be prouder.

So much was covered and drilled into us all day Saturday and Sunday, which you will have to experience to believe. Here are some highlights.

One thing was on Saturday. In his indomitable in-your-face fashion, Dom beat the Pass Line/Come Bet strategy into our thick skulls, which I'll reference in a minute. That was followed by intense one on one instruction and analysis from 8 highly skilled and proven instructors. Each instructor had their own station, and we students were in teams of 3. The day was spent rotating from instructor to instructor with timed intervals, each instructor focusing on every aspect of dice grip, wrist position and extension, stance, shoulder position, arm swing, mental focus, follow through, and so on. Man, it was INTENSE.

That night at the over crowded tables, RTAmerica and I were able to squeeze in only 3 turns each. Remember the betting strategy I mentioned above? RTAmerica stuck with the 5count and Pass Line/Come Bets, and I got impatient waiting an hour to get the dice each time, and strayed into no 5count and Place Bets. At the SAME table with the SAME shooters, RTAmerica left up $500, I left down $800! Does anyone need more proof that the 5count with Pass Line/Come Bets are the way to go? I will say it does take discipline (go Army) on a table with 4 or more random shooters.

The next day was more intense round robin throwing instruction, followed by class room instruction from Dom and Billy the Kid. What a day. The further refinements I received were mind blowing. At the end of the day, we had a No 7s competition between teams. Dom told us that smack talk was permitted and encouraged, since, when you're good, that's what you'll get from the dealers. I did not win. My excuse is I was too busy with smack talk with Vera (she is sooo pretty, seriously). I'm not going to recount the smack talk, here. I'll just say my favorite was the "2 inches". Those that were there probably know what I mean.

Sunday night after the class, at the tables, I tripled my buy-in before retiring for the night. That's what I'm talking about!

I am busy now at my GTC Receiving and Thowing Stations, converting the amazing refinements I received from my Refresher class into muscle memory.

Shout out to my mentor this class, the great Cahuna Randman! And my thanks to all of the instructors, who were all so inexplicably willing to share their professional expertise and knowledge.

I hope to see all of my new friends at the casino.

Preacher - Texas

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I got much more than I ever expected out of this class. Having attended classes with other dice teachers, I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. Golden Touch is miles ahead of the other dice teachers I have been with because these people really have beautiful shots and they are true students of the game who know how to teach. more

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