The History Channel Presents: The Dice Dominator

The History Channel Presents: The Dice Dominator

From the physics behind the flight of dice to the eight critical steps to mastering the act of tossing two dice, we reveal the true story behind Dominator’s phenomenal rise to riches through a seemingly impossible challenge – to control the outcome of a craps game with the flick of a wrist.

While most casinos laugh off the notion, Dominator knows that practice makes perfect and sets out to prove them wrong. He sets out to develop a Golden Touch™.

First, he hooks up with dice-control master Chris Pawlicki - founder of Rosebud, the first team approach to craps ever attempted – and soon becomes their ace player. But Dominator grows dissatisfied with the team's approach and small betting as Rosebud is composed of red-chip ($5) players, while Dominator is a much bigger bettor.

In 2003, he partners with best-selling author and 20-year dice control expert Frank Scoblete, an experienced player with a penchant for big bets and bigger wins. When LoRiggio defies the odds and dominates the dice at table after table, however, the casinos vow to stop him – no matter what!


Frank: The show is a combination of real historic events, specifically Dominator having magnificent rolls as he often does, and some fabricated elements designed to make the show more dramatic. Dominator never actually joined the Rosebud team as they were not a big money team and they did not impress him as shooters, although he did play at the tables with them sometimes. I was disappointed that there was not one mention of the Captain when both Dominator and I gave him all the credit for creating the model throw to beat today’s casino craps games. Without the Captain, there would have been no Frank Scoblete, no Sharpshooter, and no Dominator. But the show accurately shows you just how great Dominator is at dice control. There’s no fiction there.

Dominator: The actor who played me did a pretty good job, although as Frank says, I am really wild at the tables when I get on a really big roll, much wilder than portrayed on the show. The way Frank was portrayed would make you wonder how Frank could have gotten three masters degrees as he was shown as a kind of low-life Soprano type. He is not that type at all. And by the way, Frank has never said anything bad to dealers or box people so the moment in the story where he threatens to kill a stickman never happened. Me, on the other hand, well, I have had my moments. I also wish there had been credit given to the Captain. Overall the show was a lot of fun and gives you an idea of what you can accomplish at dice control if you are disciplined, work hard, and learn the Golden Touch™ technique.


Golden Touch™'s great Dice Dominator!

Dominator calm and collected on television. Talks about how he got started.

Dominator talks about the buy in and how he bets his money.

Dominator discusses how much work it takes to become good enough to beat the casinos with a controlled throw.

Dominator admits he has fun beating the casinos and why not? "They want my money and I want their money. Fair enough."

"Oh, yeah," smiles Dominator, "I do get wild sometimes at the tables."

In one session, in 55 minutes of action, the man with the Golden Touch™ won $27,000 at the tables!

Frank Scoblete puts it simply; "Dominator is the best dice controller in the world today!"

"You can beat the casinos at craps," states Frank Scoblete, "but you have to put in a lot of work to do it. Just setting the dice and looking graceful isn't enough."

The actor playing Dom on the left and the actor playing Frank on the right. Comment by Frank: "They chose a thin actor, good, because that's how I think of myself! Thin and sexy."

The actor playing Dom and who is that blonde?

The actor playing Frank watches the dice performing their miracles when Dominator does his thing.

"Oh, yeah, the money is coming in!"

"Now, make sure you count up all my purple chips!"

Dominator says to a nasty stickman, "When you have thousands in front of you, buddy, then you can criticize me!"

Commentary by Frank: "Does the actor playing me look crazy in this frame?"

Commentary by Dominator: "Does the blonde like the actor playing me or the actor playing Frank? I say me!" Commentary by Frank: "In your dreams. She likes the actor playing me!"

The mean old pit boss.

Dominator says, "I am now going to throw a hard 10!" Yes, this really happened in real life and there were plenty of witnesses at the table when it did too.

Commentary by Frank, "While the actor playing Dom sets the dice to go for the hard 10, just notice how all the women are around the actor playing me!"

Yes, Dom does hit the hard 10! On the show - and he did it in real life too!