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866 Set Dice
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Golden Touch™ presents:

Quality Casino Craps Tables

full size casino craps table

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

For the person who has everything! Casino Craps Tables are a great gift for yourself or for someone you love.

Our Golden Touch™™ Craps Tables are hand manufactured in our mill shop and feature a solid tabletop!

The table is shipped separated but is easily put together.

With real casino tables, you can practice your precision dice shooting or just throw a party for your friends.


The Golden Touch™ Regulation Casino Craps Tables have the following features:

  • Regulation height
  • Solid tabletop
  • Regulation Casino Craps Table layout
  • Regulation rubber pyramids on the back wall
  • Chip rails are made of Corian, the same product that most kitchen counter tops are made of. This gives the table a very upscale look with chip rails that look like marble.
  • Two-piece construction to make setup easy and it can fit through any door
  • Shipped VIA FedeX Freight Service
  • Casino rubber pyramids
  • Our Casino Craps Table has a middle leg for added stability
  • Rail padding can be upholstered in different colors to go with your room
  • Outside tub and table legs can be laminated in different wood grains such as oak or mahogany instead of black
  • Our regulation Craps Tables are constructed in a high end mill shop that is known for its custom cabinets. They are not made by an independent carpenter but a nationally known mill shop.

"Do You Want to Win Big? Get Yourself a Craps Table!"
Click here to read Frank Scoblete's excellent article on craps tables.



Regulation 12 ft Casino Craps Tables, perfect for practice and home parties, with solid wood table top, Corian chip rails, casino rubber pyramids, in black.

Our price: Only $3,995 plus shipping (shipping cost are determined at the time of purchase as to the destination).

Additional options are available such as padded arm rest and drink tray, please call for pricing.

10 and 14 ft regulation Casino Craps Tables are also available, please call for pricing.

All regulation tables are specially ordered and made specifically for the customer on an individual basis.

Once an order for a regulation craps table is placed there will not be a refund of your deposit.

Call toll free at 866-SET-DICE with any questions and for shipping costs.

You or someone you love deserves our Casino Craps Tables!


Hi Dom,

I had wondered if you had gotten the pictures (see below) I had sent you but I know you did since I just saw one of the shots on the website.

This table I purchased from Golden Touch™ is one of the best investments any serious controlled shooter could make. Yes, I still practice several hours each day.

The thing that I like most is that when I walk up to a casino table I'm not intimidated by it's size nor the rails as I'm used to it since I have exactly that to practice on at home. You guys have constructed this table to be EXACTLY like craps tables I find in all casinos. Using a practice rig or a homemade table such as I built originally is better than nothing, but using the real thing makes a tremendous difference. Not only is my Golden Touch™ craps table great for practice, but it is a great looking piece of furniture! You can really see that the workmanship is high quality!

Your student
Don P.

I just have 1 word for our full craps table: WOW!!!

The crate sat in my garage, the big pieces in the box. We removed the small items right away, but as I said before, we could not get the 2 big horse shoe pieces down into my basement.

Fortunately, I have an unused workshop in the back of my house. It was not heated or cooled, but now I did buy a nice heater for it. Later, I will install an Air Conditioning unit.

It took us a week to figure out how to solve the "table too big" problem, but once I decided to fix up the workshop, it only took about 2 hours to assemble the table!!!

What a genius you are for the easy table, Dom!!! I was afraid it would be your typical engineering nightmare to figure out the assembly. Not at all!

I'm even more excited now about the classes in Tunica!!!

If anyone is interested in your table, I can certainly vouch for it!


Dale C

More Pictures:

(Click on an image to enlarge it)
craps table by fireplace front view of craps table craps table back view
Side View Front View Back View
walnut chip rails close up of craps table side view of walnut chip rails
Walnut Chip Rails Walnut Chip Rails Close Up Walnut Chip Rails Side View
wood top of table craps table rails craps table legs at shop
Solid Wood Top Corian Chip Without Padding Legs and Mill Shop
top view of table being constructed mill shop wider view of mill shop
Top View Padded Mill Shop 1 Mill Shop 2
craps table mill shop see table being made mill shop for craps table
Mill Shop 3 Mill Shop 4 Mill Shop 5
craps table in progress building a casino craps table  
Mill Shop 6 Mill Shop 7  

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