5 top tips for playing Craps online

here are a number of games that you can play online today, but one of the most popular right now that is gathering a lot of interest is Craps. Yes, the name may sound funny, but it’s a serious game that many people have taken to playing.


You may have even seen it before in movies that take place in casinos, but did not know it at the time because you weren’t aware what it was called. There are scenes showing Craps being played in movies such as the 2001 classic Ocean’s Eleven or in the 2008 film 21, which tells the story of a young mathematician who counts cards.


So to make sure you understand, Craps is a game played with Dice, and usually people playing them in actual casinos draw big crowds. However, the game has made the transition to online now, where many people can play a variety of different themed versions of the game. In fact, new online gambling sites in the United States offer a wide variety of options to choose from if you were looking to learn more about the game.


But we’re going to help you today as well, by offering up five top tips for playing Craps online. To start with though, let’s take a quick look at the rules.

Rule of Craps

The rules of the game are very simple:

  • The game starts with one player who is called the “shooter” rolling dice onto the table. This is called a “comeout” roll.

  • If the “shooter” rolls a 7 or 11, they win; if they roll a 2, 3 or a 12, they lose.

  • If the dice total a number not covered above, then this becomes the “point”.

  • The “shooter” continues to roll, aiming to equal the “point” number to win.

  • If the “shooter” does make the point number, they then roll another “comeout” roll and continue playing until they lose.

  • If the “shooter” rolls a 7, they lose, and a new player becomes the shooter.

  • Whilst all this goes on, other players can place bets on the table, betting essentially on the outcomes of what the “shooter” will roll.




So now you know how to play, let’s give you some tips:

Learn from experienced players

As a beginner, there can be a lot to learn, even though Craps is a simple game to follow. But as with most things in life, it can help to follow the ways of seasoned veterans, because they have been playing these games for much longer.


In a typical casino, you’ll be able to tell who the more experienced players are because they are the players who have big stacks of chips near them. It can be a little harder online though, so look out for the players who tend to win more often than they lose, or those who use Craps terminology in the chat rooms.


If you follow their lead, you will learn which bets are safer to place, usually those where the house has a lower chance of winning. And if you can mimic their strategies, then it has the potential to work well for you as well.

Never mention “it”

By “it” we mean the number 7. Much like he who shall not be named in Harry Potter, you know, Lord Voldemort, it is considered bad luck to say the number. And when someone does, players will start to leave the table, as they don’t want to risk a run of bad luck, even though it is just superstition.


The number 7 will also sometimes be referred to as “the devil”, and we’re sure there are several other unsavory phrases they use as well.

The dealer is never your friend

Dealers work for the places where you will find these games, and it’s their job to help the house win. That means that you don’t win. If you’re on a roll and doing rather well, they’ll often try to seem like they’re your friend by saying “you’re on fire today” or “that’s some hot streak!”. They then usually follow this by saying “why not try betting hardways?”.


Remember, they may act like it, but these people are not your friends. They’re trying to trip you up, encourage you to make higher stake bets that are riskier, and disrupt your lucky run. On the other hand, it could pay off following their advice, but to be safe, just stick to what you know, and don’t listen to anyone else.



Source: https://www.online-gambling.com/assets/images/craps-game-demo.png

Bet against the dice

We told you to follow the lead of experienced players, and sometimes they can be the most unpopular people in the game. This is because sometimes, rather than siding with the shooter, as most players do, they will play against the dice. This can be quite unpopular, as it means you win when they lose.


Betting against the dice, hoping for a 2, 3 or 12 for example on the comeout roll, is known as a Don’t Pass bet. The house edge on this is just 1.36%, a smaller percentage edge than if you went with a Pass Line bet which would be hoping for the 7 or 11, where the house has a 1.41% edge. Now, the difference may seem minuscule, but if you’re playing a long game, it will work in your favor.

Don’t chase your losses

One of the biggest tips we can offer when playing Craps, if you’re playing for money, is if you’re on a bad run, just stop. Don’t start chasing your losses and try to win it all back. It’s at these moments where you don’t think clearly, where your head isn’t in the right place. And that can lead to you making poor decisions that won’t work out in your favor.


Instead, when the game stops being fun, stop! It’s as simple as that.

Closing thoughts

There you have it, five excellent tips for beginners to take note of. If someone says they have the best Craps strategies to help you win, there is no best strategy. It’s a game of luck and chance. However, if you play smart, and take note of the statistical outcomes of the dice and weigh up your options, you can make wiser decisions that could work better for you, especially in the long run.