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Craps Training

Say What? The Words of Craps

When a new player walks up to a busy craps game he will sometimes stand and stare wide eyed at the table, listening to the incessant din of the game, attempting to discern what all of these players are saying and in what language they are speaking. Virtually nothing that is being said seems to make any sense.

This is the first problem that a new craps player has to overcome. What are these people saying, what does it mean and how does it affect me and the game that I am trying to play?

There are many things that are said by the craps crew that do in fact impact the players, and can seriously affect their bets and their bankroll. Some craps tips are:

  1. coming out
  2. hardways work unless called off
  3. even up your odds
  4. down with odds
  5. no bet
  6. off and on
  7. your hard six is down

And many other phrases that might affect your bets on the next roll.

Understanding the words and phrases of the game will help your play, and will save you money. These pages are here to help you understand what the crew is saying and also what you should say to help them assist you in having more fun and more importantly help you make more money. The dealers are there to help you and the better you are at speaking their language the easier it will be for you to play this great game. Learn how to play craps to win - using these simple craps tips.