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Intense 2 day Dice Control Classes - Vegas, Atlantic City and Memphis.

Let the Greatest Dice Controller in the World, The Dominator, Teach You how to WIN at Craps.

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Memphis April 1st - April 3rd
Atlantic City May 20th – 22nd
Las Vegas August 26th - August 28th
Atlantic City October 14th - October 16th

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All of the aspects of a casino craps table in a size that fits your home or apartment.

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"Golden Touch Craps - The Complete Guide to Winning at Craps", by The Dominator

Easy-to-understand tried & true methods of beating the casinos using skill, math & knowledge.

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Our regulation dice, practice rigs and craps tables can give you the edge you need from the comfort of your home.



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Craps Tables for Sale



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Craps Tables for Sale



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As seen on the
History Channel


The Dominator has been featured on The History Channel show "The Dice Dominator" as a part of the Breaking Vegas Series. From the physics behind the flight of the dice to the eight critical steps to mastering the act of tossing two dice, we reveal the true story behind Dominator's phenomenal rise to riches through a seemingly impossible challenge - to control the outcome of a craps game with the flick of a wrist.

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Learn more about seminars, classes and more to help increase your chances of winning at craps.

Why Golden Touch Craps is Different.

The Dominator will teach you the skills to be in control of your gambling experience! Learn how to control dice from the man who mastered this technique. The Dominator will teach you everything you need to know in order to beat the casinos.


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