Golden Touch Craps

The 3-V and 2-V Set In Craps

By Jerry "Stickman"


I have found that spinning the dice using the 3-V set and the 2-V set as well, get me a lot of 7's on the come-out. Can you tell me what the optimum spin count and distance to the wall combination works the best for you? I have found that around 2 spins and hitting about 4" from the wall gives me the best results for both 3-v and 2-v.



Hi John,

You will see more 7’s when using the 3-V or 2-V sets than you will with the hardway set. The hardway set is a 7-avoidance set where the 3-V and 2-V are sets that will target certain numbers – the 6 and 8 with the 3-V set and the 4 and 10 with the 2-V set. However, by targeting certain numbers they do not protect against the 7 as well.

You should only use the 3-V or 2-V set when you know you have a good level of "axis control" - meaning the dice land on faces not on the axis of the set and throw. The hardway set numbers on the axis are the 1 and 6, so if there is a 1 or a 6 (or both) in the result, the throw is not on-axis.

If you are trying to get a 7 like when you are on the come-out roll, the all-sevens set is probably a better set.

I cannot give you a specific answer to the number of spins or where to land the dice as this varies by individual thrower as well as other conditions. If two to three spins on the dice gives you good on-axis results that is good.

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All the best at the tables,

Jerry "Stickman"