Golden Touch Craps

A Controlled Throw in Craps

By Jerry "Stickman"

Dear Stickman,

 You have been kind enough in the past to answer one of my questions in the past so I thought I would try again. I have purchased the Golden touch two DVD set as well both the new dice control books, Casino Craps Shoot to Win and Cutting Edge Craps. They were all extremely helpful especially the DVD set.

I try to picture your throw as my mental image and it helps. My question is have you ever experimented with the diagonal grip? I seem to have more control of my back spin and less separation of my dice with that grip. I have small hands and my index finger is much shorter than what seems to be normal compared to my other fingers (it is a sad state of affairs that I am comparing hands so I can decipher a dice grip). It is also bent due to a baseball injury. I have tried the recommended three-finger grip since last November but I cannot get it to feel natural or control the spin. I also noticed in the video that you seem to land your dice a little further out from the back wall than the other guys did. Was that just because of the camera angle or do you normally play that way? Your throw is a thing of beauty and I am trying to emulate the way your dice travel through the air. I would like to thank you guys for the great education you are giving us wanna be dice controllers.



Ralph H

Hi Ralph,

You have purchased some of the best tools available to help you perfect your controlled throw. A word of caution on some of the betting mentioned in Cutting Edge Craps. The totally counter-intuitive bets outlined in this book will ONLY work for those who have passed the Smart Craps tests at the levels indicated. Try these bets without that level of control and you will decimate your bankroll.

The diagonal grip can work, however, in order to modify the spin rate with this grip you need to bend (or flip) the wrist differently. This is not the case with the three-finger front grip the book recommends. With the recommended grip you will not need to flip the wrist at all. The spin rate is controlled by where you place your fingers and thumb on the faces of the dice.

In order to get the most consistent throws, you need to have the fewest possible moving parts of the throw. Using the three-finger front grip and eliminating the wrist flip required with the diagonal grip will ultimately provide a more consistent throw.

The three-finger front grip can be very difficult to master – especially on your own. It is conceivable that because of your baseball injury, you may need to modify your grip somewhat, but that can’t be determined through email exchanges. I recommend signing up for a Golden Touch dice control course. The best dice controllers in the world are there to help you perfect your throw.

Regarding my dice landing, each thrower slowly develops their peculiar style. This includes where the dice land and this varies by table conditions. Just like hitters in baseball having a different "sweet spot" for hitting the ball, each thrower will have a slightly different landing area.

All the best at the tables,

Jerry "Stickman"