Golden Touch Craps

Add Odds to Pass Line or Place the 6 and 8?

By Jerry "Stickman"

Hello Mr. Stickman,

I always read yours and Frank's articles in the Casino City times. I am a low roller and have a couple questions. I have read a number of the books you guys have put out and they have saved me a lot of money. My question is what are the odds on the pass line bet after the come out roll? I was playing the other day and was doing okay and practicing my delivery. I would put a pass line bet down and if the number was 6 or 8, I would put double odds behind it. If the number was anything else I did not put down odds but placed the 6 and 8 instead. I know the odds have no house edge but the math says the 6 and 8 are still more likely to appear. The dealers were friendly and told me I was making a mistake (they also told me I should see a horn bet a horn so I did not put too much faith into their advice). Once I got up, I still placed the 6 and 8 and added some odds behind the pass line bet which certainly hurt more when the 7 showed. I could not use the 5 count because for quite a while it was just me and another shooter at the table. Is my thinking flawed? Thanks for all the info and education.




Hi Ralph,

Placing the 6 and 8 is a very good bet as it carries a house edge of only about 1.5 percent. I certainly don’t blame you for being suspicious of advice given by someone advocating "see a horn, bet a horn" but in the case of the odds bet they are correct.

The odds bet is the best bet in the house. It has absolutely no house edge as you stated. Because of this you are better off in the long run to maximize the odds before putting money on other bets – including placing the 6 and 8. That is the math of the game. I know from past experience that it can be very frustrating to keep hitting 6’s and 8’s and never hit your point number. But in the long run it is still the best way to play. You may not make a point of 4 or 10 as often as you make a 6 or 8 but you collect much more in odds payoff when you do.

If you bankroll will not support a pass line bet with full odds and placing the 6 and 8, you are better off sticking to the pass line with odds only. As you get better with dice control you will gradually start building your bankroll if you make only the best bets.

It is possible to use the 5-count on yourself. While you are shooting you cannot use it exactly as you would on other shooters because you are required to have a line bet. You can, however, hold off on betting odds or making place bets until after you pass the 5-count. That way you keep your financial exposure to a minimum.

If you have not already done so get a copy of "Casino Craps: Shoot to Win" by Frank Scoblete with Dominator. It contains detailed information about proper betting – including proper use of the 5-count. It also comes with a DVD that shows unedited throws by Dominator – the world’s best dice controller with commentary by Frank Scoblete. It has all the information you need to know in order to get an edge at the game of craps.

All the best at the tables, Ralph,

Jerry "Stickman"