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Video Poker Games in Montana Offer Advice On Playing the Hands

By Jerry "Stickman"


I live in Montana and many of the casinos here offer a Video Poker that tells you which cards to save and which to discard after you are dealt a hand. I like these games because I don’t have to study any strategy charts and worry about playing the hand improperly. Sometimes I win but most of the time I lose.

Any comments?



Hi Carol,

My wife and I recently travelled through Montana on a road trip with friends of ours and I actually had an opportunity to see and play the Video Poker machines you mentioned. I was very interested in seeing if the advice the machines gave matched how I would have played the hand. I many cases, it did. However, at other times the advice was terrible. Upon checking the machine closer I found a disclaimer stating that the suggested play may or may not be the best play.

My advice to you would be to buy some strategy cards or a video poker software program so you can learn the proper plays. You are definitely losing more money that you need to by following the machine’s suggestions. Why not spend some of that money to increase future profits. You will be much better off in the long run if you do.

May all your wins be swift and large and all your losses be slow and tiny.

Jerry "Stickman"