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Hi Stickman,

Something strange (I think). It is possible confusion or added length of a previous article "Effect of Odds". I quote "a controlled shooter has the ability to reduce the appearance of the 7 thereby reducing the 2-1 edge on the come out."

If you are going to take odds don't you at a very minimum chicken feed the come out? If a controlled shooter can set the dice to eliminate a 7 can't he set it to increase the appearance of it and not disrupt a rhythm?

Miss Pipik

Miss Pipik,

"Chicken feeding" (throwing the dice down the table in a fashion that resembles someone feeding chickens) the come out roll is never done by a serious dice controller for a couple of reasons. First, throwing the proper dice sets on come out also reduces the appearance of the "craps" numbers of 2, 3, and 12 which lose on a come out roll. Second, this type of throw is completely different from a controlled throw and could very well disrupt the shooter’s rhythm.

You are correct in stating that a controlled shooter who can set the dice to reduce the appearance of the 7 can also set the dice to increase the appearance of the 7. In fact, many dice controllers I know actually do set for 7s on come out rolls. The come out roll is a "free roll" of sorts because you cannot 7-out. It is a good time to see how well a shooter can control the dice as well as an opportunity to make some additional money if a 7 or 11 shows.

In order to succeed in dice control, we strive for consistency. We set the dice the same, grip the dice the same, and throw the dice the same; looking for the same results. The best way to get consistency is by automatically repeating the process without thinking. "Chicken feeding" the come out roll, is not being consistent in our delivery. Even setting the dice differently from the normal way to increase of the 7 is not consistent. The shooter has to think about setting the dice differently from normal.

Most of the better controlled shooters can overcome the distraction of setting differently on come out because at least the grip and delivery are the same. Many, however, choose to keep everything the same – even at come out to maximize consistency. That was the point in the original article you referenced – by setting exactly the same set and throwing exactly the same way, the same numbers will tend to become the point number allowing them to be made more frequently. In the long term, this will make more money for the controlled shooter.

May all your wins be swift and large and all your losses slow and tiny.

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