Golden Touch Craps

Playing Craps With a Limited Bankroll

By Jerry "Stickman"

Hi Stickman,

I'm sure you've simulated most every popular system out there. If you had a max bankroll of $2,000, what craps system or strategy would you recommend playing?

I've simulated playing a don't pass bet with odds along with a don't come bet, with a positive outcome. However, in reality, it hasn't work out nearly as well.





Yes, I have simulated a number of betting systems – both popular and arcane. Everyone seems to think they have stumbled across the silver bullet.

But the fact still remains; no betting system will give you an edge at the game of craps. The only way to achieve and edge is to develop a controlled throw.

That being said, the craps system or strategy that I would recommend would be to use the $2,000 for a Golden TouchTM craps class. However, I suspect that is not the answer you were looking for. If what you are looking for is a betting system that will make you money, I don’t have it. Neither do any of the self proclaimed experts that hawk systems that "win 83% of the time" and other such claims. They may win a little 83% of the time, but they lose big the rest of the time. You cannot beat the house edge in a random game of craps.

If you choose not to take the Golden TouchTM class with your $2,000 bankroll, here is how I would recommend betting at the craps table. First, find a $5 minimum table. If you are not shooting, wait several rolls before you place a $6 6 and 8, a $12 6 or 8 or a $5 come bet. If you are going with come bets, place single or double odds. You can wait 5, 6, 7, or more rolls before you bet. This will keep money safely in your rack and not subject to the house edge when it is place as a bet on the table.

If you are shooting, place a $5 pass line bet and start rolling. After several rolls (again, 5, 6, 7 or more) add single or double odds to your pass line bet. Again, this will keep money in your rack and not subject to the house edge.

Should you have some luck and win three times what you have bet on the current shooter, you can add another unit to your bets. If you have placed a $6 6 and / or 8, press the number that hit to $12. Then alternate taking the payoff and pressing the bet that hits one unit ($6). If you went with a come bet, you can place a second come bet and add single or double odds. As you win more you can increase the odds, or place additional come bets with odds.

These strategies will give you the best chance of winning – or of losing the least. The main thing to remember is if you are betting on a random game of craps, less is more. The less you bet, the more you will have left to take with you.

May all your wins be swift and large and all your losses be slow and tiny.

Jerry "Stickman"