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More On Buy Bets and Craps Etiquette

By Jerry "Stickman"

Hi Stickman.

I just returned from a week in LV (went to G2E) and just now read your article which I get via Casino City Times.

I spent the better part of a day hunting for a decent craps game.

I normally play in MS where the vig on Buy bets is collected only upon a win. LV was a culture shock in that regard. I won't play where the pirates do that. Bad enough they all collect the Lay upfront. MGM said they'd only charge me on a win but couldn't play there as they scent the air and that raised holy hell with my sinuses.

In my long and ardous trek I inquired about the policy on Buy bets at many casinos. None would refuse me a Buy on the 5/9 and most would give me a "free" automatic buy on the 4/10. Usually up to $100.

After that, I'd have to pay first. I even had a suit at Bally's try and tell me the Buy was worthless on the 5/9 when we discussed their policy.

That dude was seriously math-challenged and he was like you and I in that we are all a bit long in the tooth.

I am going to take issue with you including the 5/9 with the 6/8.

It is never wise to ever Buy the 6/8 but it is wise to Buy the 5/9 at $30 plus assuming proper increments.

Quit a while ago you wrote an article on craps etiquette and there was one thing not covered and it has always been in the back of mind to ask you about it so I am.

Shooter whips the dice down the table and it careens into my stack of chips on the DP. A few get disloged. Do I restack (touch them) or do I wait and hope the dealer sees it and tidies up? I'd do it immediately but don't wish to be accused of adding chips to what should be a guaranteed winner (at that point in time). And I suppose a Pass Line bettor would not want to be accused of removing a chip or two from their stack which probably would be a potential loser.

Thanks for any reply directly or in a future newsletter.




I am glad that you took my advice about looking for the best buy bets. Casinos in Mississippi and Tunica in particular have some of the most favorable player rules in craps.

Most Las Vegas casinos do not allow a buy of the 5 or 9 – and those that do make you pay the vig up front. In that case you are better off forgetting about the 5 and 9 and simply place the 6/8 or buy the 4/10. If you really want to get on the 5 and 9, come betting is the way to go as it only has a 1.4% house edge.

All of the casinos that I play in Las Vegas have automatic buys of the 4 and 10 with vig taken on wins only when buying for $20 or more. I have gone up to the table limit and the vig is only on a win. I have never heard of the $100 threshold that you mention.

Regarding buying the 6/8 and 5/9, in the article I agree with you. One is never better off buying the 6 and 8. When I stated that it is not worth buying the 5, 6, 8, and 9 I was talking about buying the number with a 5% vig and paying it up front. I used an example of buying these number for $20. Later in the article I mentioned the effects of being able to "push the house" by buying for $25, $30, $35 or $39 and paying just $1 for the vig. I also mention that buying the 5 and 9 with the vig taken on wins only is more advantageous than placing them. I am sorry for any confusion I caused.

To your question about restacking dislodged chips – I would wait for the dealer to restack them. If he (or she) seems oblivious to the situation, I would try calling their attention to it. However, if the dice are being pushed to the shooter and my chips had not been restacked, I would quickly restack them myself. Generally you will not have any problems with the dealers if you place a small bet for them every so often.

Now I am going to take exception to a comment of yours – the one where you implied being math challenged and old go hand in hand. I hope you are not be calling me math challenged – or OLD! I am just kidding of course; however, I don’t feel any older than I did when I was in my 20s and 30s. Age is a state of mind – and many suits (especially at Harrah’s properties it seems) are just not interested in doing anything that might favor the player a little. It is sad but true.

Arnie, you seem to be making all the right moves in order to get the most from your gambling bankroll. If you are really serious about getting the edge at craps you should consider buying the Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution book, or the Beat Craps By Controlling The Dice DVD. You may even want to consider registering for and attending a Golden Touch dice control class held in various locations throughout the year.

May all your wins be swift and large and all your losses be slow and tiny.

Jerry "Stickman"

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