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Do Come Bets Really Have An Advantage Over The House At The Craps Table?

Come Bet Ramblings - Part 1

Since this is my first article, I thought I would give you a little background. Craps is a relatively new game for me. I have only been playing it for about 14 years. Blackjack was my first love. After getting killed at the game on my first visit to Las Vegas in the late 70s, I did some research and found that with the proper play and a little keen observation, one could actually get an edge at the game of Blackjack.

I could not, however, find anything that could give an edge at craps. I read books, tried several systems, but nothing seemed to work. Then, about the time I read a couple of Frank Scoblete's books about the Captain and the 5-Count, I also participated in the predecessor to the Golden Touch™ Crap's course. I saw that there was a way to get an edge in craps. I practiced, I practiced and I practiced some more. It paid off. Now craps is my game of choice with blackjack, video poker, and other table games as backups.

OK, enough about me and on to the "Come Bet Ramblings."

Those familiar with Frank Scoblete's writings know that one of the most basic teachings is the use of the 5-Count on unknown or truly random dice throwers. It is a method to prolong your bankroll, keep your comp rating high, and allows you to be on a hot roll every time one happens. Now, The Captain - the inventor of the 5-Count - has two different variations of betting that can be used. You can use Place betting of the 6 and 8, or you can use two or three Come bets with odds.

The house edge on placing the six and eight is 1.52 percent. While this is about three times the house edge in blackjack with perfect basic strategy play, it is the best Place bet available. Pass line and Come bets with no odds have a 1.41 percent house edge and as such are a slightly better bet. The house edge actually drops below the house edge for blackjack if you back up your Pass/Come bet with double odds. So, obviously this is the best method to use when utilizing the 5-Count. (Assuming you are betting the same amount of money.)

The reason for the low house edge is the fact that on the initial Come-Out roll, you have a 2-to-1 advantage over the house. There are eight possible ways to win (six ways to make a 7 and two ways to make an 11) compared to four ways to lose with a 2, 3, or 12. Imagine that, a 2 to 1 advantage! This was the way I decided to go. I would follow the Captain's 5-Count meticulously. Putting out the Come bet after the 3-count was reached, another Come bet after that, add odds when the 5-Count was reached. I did this for months.

But, you know what? It did not seem to me that I was getting anywhere near the 2-to-1 advantage on Come-Out roll decisions when I was actually playing. It did not seem anywhere near that in fact. And what about those Come bets that were lost on a Come-Out 7? Even though the odds were returned, this was emotionally difficult losing all those Come bets.

Was the math wrong? Does one truly experience a 2-to-1 advantage on Come-Out decisions in the real world of casino play? I decided to do some real world research. The results will appear in Part Two in our series on pass line and come bets.

Until then, remember "Birthdays are good for you. The more you have the longer you live."

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Hi Dom...what a craps story that u helped me with last night at harrahs AC...your 5 count and u know I'm so religious about help me preserve my 500 rack on 15 dollar table that my friend Jimmy was done in a hour playing random 7 out rollers..while that I had enough about 340 dollars to do my roll...I went with what u told me about staying more focused and taking more time for pre-throw..Well Dom It worked because I l made 9 passes and hit fire bet for 5 numbers leaving the 4 for 5k..when I through the last throw the table was so crazy happy and crowd was formed...I felt a little like u must felt all these years that u Mastered Craps and beat casinos at their own game...thanks for being You...and getting me to become a more developed thrower and player!!! Highest Regards !!! Billy T more

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