Golden Touch Craps

Would you like to learn a foolproof way to beat the casinos?

Here it is. What everyone is looking for, a surefire way to beat the casinos at their own game!!!

It seems the casinos can do no wrong. People come in and wager money on games of chance and the casinos take on all comers. The casino "risks" huge sums of money, in total, against the entire gaming community that make bets at the games hoping to win money from the casinos. By booking all those bets the casinos are putting at risk a lot more cash than any single individual or group of individuals ever do.

But do the casinos really have anything at risk? Well it is very close to being a paradox. A casino puts more money at risk when there are more people betting. But when there are more people betting the casino has a better chance of extracting the house advantage from each of their bets. They actually have less at risk when they are wagering more money, hence the paradox.

A casino has to make money in the long run because they have a house advantage on every single bet in the casino with the single exception of the odds bet in craps. The odds bet is an even money wager with no advantage to the player or the casino, essentially a 50-50 wager. Thus casinos are never at a disadvantage on any of the bets that are made in their house.

So what is this foolproof method for beating the casinos at their own game you ask?

Well, how about this? What if I were to make offsetting bets that only lost a slight amount of money once in awhile? With offsetting bets I would be putting almost no money at risk. Couldn’t I make enough in comps to overcome the small amount of money I lose to make it a worthwhile venture?

Since the casino is likely to catch on to my ploy rather quickly, I might need to enlist a partner to play with me as a team. By doing this carefully and intelligently the casino would not catch on and we could just be racking up the comps without risking anything. We could even increase the amounts we bet so that we look like real high rollers and get the full high roller treatment.

Here is how it would work. I would make a wager on the pass line and my partner would make the same wager on the don’t pass. We could continue to make 1 or 2 additional come and don’t come bets in order to look like bigger bettors and the comps would just start rolling in. We would both take and lay odds to look like regular gamblers even though the odds would not count towards our comps. The large majority of our bets would offset each other exactly. What one partner loses, the other partner would win the exact same amount. The only time we would lose money would be on the rare occasion when a 12 is thrown and then only if it is when we are making a pass/don’t pass with a come/don’t come bet. In addition we would only lose the base bet for the pass or come bet. The don’t pass or don’t come bet would be a push. If you are worried about losing to the 12, then you could make a bet to cover yourself with either a craps 12 or field bet. This sure does not seem like we would lose that much in comparison to the high roller treatment we both would be getting.

Is this a foolproof method of beating the casinos?

The answer to the question is pretty simple. No such method of beating the casinos exists.

There is no foolproof way to play craps without risking money so that you can earn free comps. It does not matter whether it is a two person team or any number of people playing offsetting bets. It can not be done. Go back to what I said about casinos and the house advantage at the beginning of this article. There are people playing offsetting bets all the time in the casino at craps. The casino still makes their house advantage over the long run from both sets of players. They give out less in comp dollars than they take in from the house advantage.

It is really easy to analyze the question. On 36 rolls of the dice you can expect the 12 to appear 1 time. Let us say you and your partner each bet $1 on the pass and $1 on the don't pass. On 35 rolls you will break even and on the 36th roll when the 12 appears, the pass line $1 bet loses and the don't pass $1 bet is a push. You can expect to bet $72 every 36 rolls and lose $1. 1/72 = 1.389%. This is the house advantage on the doey-don't or supersystem as this system has come to be known.

Let us say you make a total of $1000 in pass line bets and your partner makes a total of $1000 in don't pass bets. Most casinos do not count odds towards comps so I am leaving them out. You and your partner can expect to lose $27.78 for the $2000 you bet.

If the casino looks at it as two separate bets they will expect you to lose $14.14 for the $1000 you bet. They will expect your partner to lose $13.64 for the $1000 he bet. The casino will return 30 to 50 percent of your expected loss. Even at 50 percent they will only give you $7.07 in comp dollars; your partner will get $6.82 in comp dollars. Together you will receive $13.89 in comp dollars.

You can expect to lose $27.78 and get $13.89 back in comp dollars. Now you can see why I said there is no foolproof way to play craps and get more in comp dollars than you can expect to lose. The casinos know what your expected loss is on each and every bet you make. They will only return a portion of that in comp dollars. There is no way to make more in comps than you can expect to lose, even with offsetting bets.

If you use the five count you will most likely get credit for the total time you play. This will increase your time at the tables and bump up your comp dollars without putting money at risk. The five count will eliminate 57% of the rolls you bet on. In theory that could increase your combined comp dollars to $24.37. But this is still less then the $27.78 you can expect to lose.

If you try to cover the 12 with a crap 12 bet or a field bet you will only lose more money. The crap 12 has a house edge of 13.89% (10 times worse than the house advantage on your combined line bets) and the field is either 5.56% or 2.78% depending on if the 12 pays double or triple. These bets all have higher house edges than the edge against your line bets so you will only lose more money by making them. They do not protect you from losing; they make you lose more money quicker.

You see, it does not really matter that you are making offsetting bets. You still have to lose on the 12 and even though that seems like a very small loss because it does not happen that frequently, it is still a loss. It is ends up equaling the house advantage which the casino is using to determine your expected loss. Since they only give back a percentage of your expected loss in comp dollars you can not get enough in comp dollars to overcome what you can expect to lose to the casino.

You may be tempted to bet big bucks because you think the bets cancel each other out. If you and your partner bet $50,000 each that would multiply all the numbers by 50. The best case scenario is a 50 percent return and getting full comp time while using the five-count. Even with that, you could expect to get $1218.50 in comp dollars while losing $1389 on your offsetting bets. You still come out behind. Not only will you pay for all the comps you receive in full, you will pay an additional $170.50 on top of it.

The bottom line is there is no foolproof way to beat the casinos with a betting system. They have seen every betting system anyone has ever devised and have protected themselves against each and every one of them. Casinos have the math in their favor and you can not beat the math with a betting system.

The only way to come out ahead is to develop a controlled throw so you can have an edge over the casino. Then with proper betting into that edge you can make money. Any comps received will be over and above what you make and that will make them all the sweeter. But do not risk $1 more than your bankroll and tolerance for risk can tolerate in order to get more in comps. That only puts more pressure on you and prevents you from playing your best game.

Beat the casino with advantage play and accept whatever comps that generates.