Read How A Craps Player Used Muscle Control To Increase His SRR

Frank, in August of 2006 when I was in Vegas I bought your book at the Gamblers General store on Main Street. (Golden Touch™ DICE CONTROL REVOLUTION). I read it, studied it and re-read it again. At one time in my life I was a Tennis Pro, so I understood Muscle Control and what it can do with dedication and practice. I've also read The Craps Underground.

All of this has been an epiphany for me in each book I read and practice with. As I mentioned in previous correspondence to you I have been shooting dice since I was 21 that was 40 yrs. ago!

I've been keeping a log of my throws and such.

This has greatly increased my accuracy and my SRR. So, because of you and your insight and observations by you and Dom, my SRR is now at 1:8. I can't believe what a small adjustment like this can make.

I'm scheduled to go on Aug 10 to Tunica and then Aug 25th to Caesars for their Craps tournament, then again to Vegas on Sept 13th.

You have no idea what this all has meant to me. In March I had a heart attack and almost didn't make it this time. My bankroll was wiped out; I talked a deal with the Hospitals and got the Hospital bill down to $32,000.00 from $98,000. As soon as I was able to I practiced and I was back at the tables. Because of this method I was able to pay off the hospitals in three months and I am working on a $4,000.00 cardiology bill.


If I ever meet up with you guys, DINNER IS ON ME.