Tips For Protecting Yourself Against Casino Theft


A craps player recently had a large number of chips stolen off his rack. None of the table crew noticed anything, nor did any of the other players. Although he complained to the pit boss, and went to security, it was impossible for him to get his money back. One simple way to protect your chips is to have the higher denominations in the middle of the rack, with whites and reds on the outsides. Another is to have your hand over your chips while you are shooting. If you need to take a short break from the craps table, either take your chips with you (asking the crew to hold your place, which they will do for twenty minutes), or ask for a plastic cover. If you are playing with a friend, you might cover your chips with a white napkin, and make certain your friend knows you are leaving.

With the advent of paper vouchers for slot machines in most casinos, theft has decreased in that area. However, if you are still playing with coins, beware of the person who asks if you dropped a bill on the floor. When you turn away to look, they or their partner will run off with your bucket of coins.

Wherever you travel, not just in a casino, there are precautions one should take. If you are wearing a money belt or neck pouch, tuck it inside your clothing. Divide your money into separate areas. Carry in your wallet only what you need for one day. The rest should be in a hotel safe, or if not available, in a money belt or sock for example. Always count your change quickly, and put it away as fast as you can. If you can avoid counting it in a public place, so much the better. Avoid crowds and areas of commotion where pickpockets may catch you unaware, and don’t wear a lot of expensive flashy jewelry.

Men should never carry their wallets in the back pockets of their pants. It would be too easy for someone to slip it out, or jostle you in a crowded casino, and walk away with the wallet. Put your wallet in a front pocket, or better yet, if you have a pocket that buttons or zips closed. Putting a rubber band around the wallet causes the friction against clothes to get your attention if someone tries to steal it.

Women should wear shoulder bags across their body and in front. Be sure you hold the handbag close to your body, and not let it dangle from the hand or wrist. The wallet should be placed in a zippered or buttoned pouch deep inside the purse.

By taking care to protect yourself, your travels in and out of the casinos will be safer and more enjoyable.