A "Host" of Problems by The Goddess

During a recent visit to Bally’s in Atlantic City (now owned by Harrah’s) my husband Sandtrap and I spoke with a host, trying to determine if he would be willing to be our host when we stay there. We had already played craps at the Bally’s casino on two separate occasions for four hours each in order to be rated. The host’s response was that he would not be able to take care of us. He explained that Harrah’s was designating hosts only for high rolling casino craps players. He also told us that if we needed anything, we should ask at the Host Desk on the casino floor, and wait for Harrah’s to send free room offers in the mail. During our two recent sessions playing there, the pit boss, box people and dealers were very friendly, and we were given a sufficient comp for dinner.

When we first started playing craps four and a half years ago at casinos in the area, and prior to Harrah’s taking over Bally’s, we were told that Bally’s required a $25 average bet and four hours of play in order to be rated. At that time, we received a free room once a month for each of us, and enough comps for every meal. Our average bet is now much higher, and we usually play six hours each day, yet Harrah’s will not give us a host or a room. Harrah’s is far more interested in slot players than table players.

Large corporations are frequently interested only in the bottom line. Casinos owned and run by private companies tend to be more willing to cater to all their players, and to keep their players happy and content. (The same can also be said in respect of how they treat their employees. Taj Mahal employees frequently stated they felt as if they were treated like a family, and it showed in their deportment and treatment of players.) There are so many casinos that are willing to take care of all their players - even craps players - so it is not necessary to frequent those that are not. Hosts in those casinos will take good care of their repeat players.