Craps Tables Etiquette & How It Can Benefit The Players At The Table

Etiquette at the Craps Tables by The Goddess

With all the superstitions ascribed to by craps players, it is amazing that so many people ignore the rules of etiquette at the craps tables. I can’t count how many times I was in the middle of a long roll when someone would throw several bills on the table to buy in after I already had the dice and was ready to throw.

Superstitious players know that when someone buys in during a roll, the ugly seven will show. Sometimes I would be able to stop and refocus, but frequently the dice would already be leaving my hand, they would hit the money on the table, and the ugly seven would show. Everyone at the table would yell at the new bettor, but it would be too late.

On one occasion I was in the middle of a long roll when a "don’t" bettor showed up, and placed a bet on the "don’t" during one of my come out rolls. Just as I was about to throw, he added some chips to his odds. I put the dice down, and gave him a withering look, which he saw. I then asked him if he was ready. He said, "Yes, I’m sorry."

I threw once more for a number, and then threw the ugly seven. The "don’t" bettor got paid, and then threw me a $5 chip, and again apologized. From then on, every time he won he threw me a $5 chip saying he didn’t want me mad at him. He also threw a $5 chip to the boxman for the crew at the craps table and once to a lady next to him who sevened out. On her next turn, she made her point, and gave the "don’t" bettor a $5 chip. Everyone laughed and said how fine that was, and even the crew was astonished. The "don’t" bettor continued to throw me $5 chips, and started calling me his "little sister", saying he wanted me to like him. With the 5-Count and so many seven outs, I was making more money with his $5 chips and not betting, than if I had bet. Of course I liked him! Unlike some other "don’t" bettors who are obnoxious by piling their chips high and calling for a seven, this bettor had everyone at the table on his side simply by being nice.

Another time I was getting ready to set the dice when I heard chips being thrown from the other end of the table. Superstitious players know that if the chips hit the dice, a seven will show. Why can’t they make their bets before the dice have been passed to the shooter?

The dealer asked if I was ready, and I said yes but that I didn’t think the other end was, just as more chips came flying toward the prop bets. The dealer swept his arm out across the table and said, "Dice are out! No more bets!" Then he turned to me and asked, "How did you like that?" "Very nice," I replied. I had been tipping regularly, as we always do, and the dealer was taking care of me.

If you take good care of the craps dealers, more often than not when etiquette is broken, the dealers will take care of you. After all, they want to win their bets also, and if you continue shooting, they know they will continue to have bets placed for them.