Craps Cheats & Cheaters - How to Cheat in Craps?


Craps is a popular casino game that’s been featured in hundreds of Hollywood movies. Like in the rest of the world, it’s one of the more popular games in Switzerland. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is the high reward ratio, meaning that placing a small bet can get you a huge win. Plus, you’re never alone at the table as many other players are doing the same, making it a great social activity in Switzerland too. Like in any other luck-based game, there are ways to shift the odds in your favour by cheating.

Craps is not cheat-proof, as there are multiple ways of doing it. The good news, though, is that you can’t cheat in online casinos. Players who enjoy any swiss casino online know that fair play is guaranteed. Cheating is only possible in brick-and-mortar establishments where the human factor is much more present. For example, players who often visit Switzerland will find plenty of retail casinos. Let’s take a look at how some Swiss players cheat when playing craps.

Past Posting in Casinos

This is the most popular type of cheating in craps. It requires precision, speed and courage to make the changes to your bet swiftly. The cheat goes something like this:

  1. You take a look at the currently placed bets and find the one that you think is going to be a winning one.

  2. A good idea is to replicate a bet that someone else has made, but essentially, it’s all a matter of luck.

  3. The cheat happens once you successfully win your bet.

  4. As you see that the dice have rolled in your favour, the goal is to replace your current bet with a higher one.

  5. So if you’ve placed a $5 bet, by adding more chips, you can turn it into a $20 bet. That means that your win will be four times higher than it would have originally been.

It’s clear why this form of cheating is appealing. Whenever you win, you make your win even bigger than it would have been. However, this form of cheating has become obsolete nowadays. Performing it in a modern Swiss casino is practically impossible because there are security cameras everywhere that pick things up immediately. On top of that, there are four croupiers always monitoring what people at the table are doing. Therefore, we don’t recommend cheating like this in any case.

Loaded Dice

Another cheat type that players like practising are loaded dice. This is a common cheat type that is practised in casinos and private games regularly. Players bring their own dice that look like the original ones. However, there’s a caveat. One of the sides is heavier than the rest, causing the dice to roll on a particular side more often than they should. Like the previously mentioned method of cheating, this one is also obsolete in casinos in Switzerland nowadays. The first thing is that there are many people watching whether the dice have been replaced during the game. On top of that, the majority of them use transparent dice, so any weighted dice would be immediately noticed.

Teaming Up With the Dealer

The only way to get away with cheating is to have a man on the inside by your side. Those who succeeded with this in the past were able to steal money from the casino for years before being caught. If a dealer is on your side, then you can choose how much you win or lose with every bet. They will let you add or remove chips on every winning or losing bet. That way, you get to minimise your losses with every bet and maximise your every win.

While this is a good scheme in the short term, they always get discovered in the long run. So the best rule to follow would be to do it for a short period of time before getting caught. And, of course, the more people get involved, the higher the chance that the cheat will be discovered. Additionally, as Switzerland is very low in corruption, there’s a low chance that you would find a dealer willing to turn back to casino they work in.

Stealing Chips

This game is played at a very fast pace. That means that everyone at the table doesn’t have enough time to keep track of the number of chips in their possession. So the basic form of cheating that some players opt for is stealing. While everyone is focused on the dealer, their bets and the roll of the dice, stealers can often take a couple of chips away from their neighbouring players. How do they get away? Well, the key is not to spend too much time at the table. After finishing the stealing spree, it’s time to quickly get away from the table and cash out. By the time other players realise that they are victims of theft, the stealer needs to be outside of the casino. If caught, players can face a lifetime ban from the casino and end up in jail for theft.


Even though these ways of cheating have been used by Swiss and players in other countries successfully, we can’t recommend them. The goal of gambling is to have fun and potentially win some money alongside other positive impacts it provides. It was never created to cheat and practically steal money from the other players and the casino. It’s nowadays very punishable, and the chances of getting caught are much greater. There are cameras everywhere, and doing this will certainly be noticed by someone.