Are Dice Games Popular among Brits?



Playing dice games is entertaining, often relaxing, and the best part is – this can result in winning some money if you gamble. Gambling isn’t a new trend in the UK. If you simply account the number of online casinos where UK players go to roll the dice, it’s easy to see that the interest is big. Players enjoy spending their free time betting at the best payout online casino UK and for many of them, dice games are the favored category.

Dice games offer the thrill that comes with anticipation when the dice is rolled. They can also result in big wins if luck is on the player’s side. Instead of commuting to a casino to get a dealer to throw the dice, players have more options these days.

One of the greatest things about dice games these days is that they are available online in addition to land-based casinos. This offers them the flexibility and access that didn’t come as easy before. Today, players in the UK can simply use their phone to download the best iPhone casino apps and play while at home, on the move, or even while at work. HTML-5 technology offers a truly immersive experience which, in combination with some skills and luck, can result in significant wins.

In this article, you’ll learn about the gambling habits of Brits, as well as their favorite dice games.

Gambling in the UK

It’s basically a norm to gamble in Great Britain. This form of entertainment dates back to the 7th century. At the time, Brits placed wagers on horse races. Fast forward a few decades, and more and more games started showing up on the market, including dice games and bingo.

Today, gambling is one of the favorite pastimes of Brits. Why wouldn’t it be – with gambling as available and highly regulated as it is? The laws in the country are lenient on gambling, and the UK Gambling Commission, which is the regulatory and licensing body, is one of the strictest you can find.

In Britain, finding a regulated site isn’t a big hassle. Websites that operate within the borders of the UK legally must be licensed by the UKGC – no exceptions. Even when you gamble at an offshore casino, it must have a UKGC license to be able to operate in this country.

So, gambling is safe, very available, and versatile in the UK. As a result, more and more Brits enjoy this pastime. In September of 2020, the UKGC found that over 40% of adults in the country gambled at least once in a year. Approximately 30.80% gamble at least once a month and 31.80% gamble once a week.

Now, all these players have different preferences in terms of gambling. Some love the slots, others play games like blackjack, and another group prefer dice games above all else.

Knowing this, let’s take a look at the favorite dice games played in the UK.

Favored Dice Games in the UK

Here are the dice games that Brits prefer these days:


Craps is a game that involves betting on the total number of 2 dice. It’s a very simple, but very engaging casino game, which makes it extremely popular with players. Winning in it depends on the outcome i.e. the total of the dice numbers. If you guess the numbers right, it’s your lucky day.

There are different versions of the game found at casinos, but not all of them offer this game as an option. The most popular version today is that of Playtech. In most cases, you’ll find just one version of craps at a casino.


This list would be incomplete without the actual English dice game, Hazard. The game dates back to the 13th century and is played with 2 dice. The number of players isn’t fixed and any player can begin the game as the shooter. If more players decide to start the game, they roll the dice, and the one with the highest number is first.

The caster or shooter chooses the ‘main’ number, after which they roll the dice. If they win, they get to keep rolling until they lose 3 times.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is derived from ‘dice pair’ in Chinese. It’s an ancient game that’s been played all over the world for the longest time. In the past, it was played on wooden blocks and today, it’s played with 3 dice (yes, this makes the name choice a bit strange). The table in the game consists of several payouts and odds.

What’s the objective of the players?

In Sic Bo, players place bet on the numbers they believe will appear on the dices. They can bet on all sorts of things such as individual numbers, sequences, exact combinations, etc. The most popular Sic Bo version played in the UK is the one by Microgaming.

Bitcoin Dice

Finally, Bitcoin Dice requires that you bet on numbers between 1 to 10,000 or more in some cases. Unlike the other games here, it doesn’t use a digital dice, but an RNG. This offers a greater sense of mystery.

Final Thoughts

Playing dice games at online casinos is very safe in the UK and potentially, very rewarding. When this is done online, it’s accompanied with big bonuses and the flexibility to gamble at any moment, from any place. With all this in mind and the knowledge that you’ll be spoilt with choices, why not gamble in the UK?