Why Isn’t Craps as Big as Blackjack and Roulette?


When you think of iconic and distinctive casino games, craps is up there with roulette and blackjack. But as the online casino industry has grown up into the behemoth it is today, those games have pulled far ahead of craps and now attract a lot more interest.

It’s not too late for craps to bounce back in the future, but it may require a few things to happen before it does. For example, the game would clearly benefit from enhanced technology. Developers may also need to explore different themes to attract a wider range of players.


Craps is Not Usually Among the Major Selling Points of Online Casinos

Research into the most played games at online casinos has found that slots are by far the most popular games, played by around 80 percent of people. Blackjack is the number one card game in the world, and it’s more prevalent than poker even after the worldwide poker boom. Then there’s roulette, which isn’t quite as popular but has managed to endure for more than two centuries thanks to its iconic notoriety. All these genres have adapted well to the online world, and their fame has clearly been boosted by the digital gambling industry.

When promoting their sites to players, online casino operators have a variety of techniques. The main draw is usually the welcome offer, which is a great way to stand out in flourishing markets. For example, the online casino industry is currently blowing up in New Zealand, so low-deposit casinos are standing out against competitors by offering $1 deposits that allow players to start playing. After topping up the small amount, they then have access to free spins. However, it’s important to note that there are wagering requirements in place.

Aside from their bonuses, sites often use the range of slot games as a draw for players. Sometimes, they’ll also advertise the blackjack and roulette options available to reel people in. However, it’s rare that you’d see one of these sites advertising craps and trying to pull players in this way. While craps is found at most casinos, it’s nowhere near as highly played as the big guns. It’s clear that craps developers need to do a lot more to get it to a stage at which it can become a major attraction for players.

Needs Virtual Reality and Haptic Technology

It could be that the current technology used at online casinos isn’t quite advanced enough to cater to craps. The game is slightly more complicated than some of the other classic casino tables. Indeed, many players find that acting as the shooter is the most enjoyable part of the game, with betting on the action coming a close second. In fact, some people even take lessons to improve their dice control skills. The classes for this year have all passed, but it's a good idea to keep an eye on schedules to see if there are any upcoming lessons anywhere. 

The online casino industry doesn’t have an answer to this problem yet, as there is no way to get the real feel of being a shooter. Live-streamed casino games try to make players feel as if they’re there at the tables, but the lack of physical dice rolling makes many people feel distant from the action.

This is where virtual reality could come in and completely change the way people see online craps. If players can put on VR headsets and feel as if they are standing at the table watching the action, it could be way more immersive. Of course, there’s still the problem of not being able to physically roll the dice. Luckily, the geniuses behind VR are also working on related equipment to help give users the sense they have actually entered VR worlds.


Haptic technology is something that is expected to emerge alongside VR in the years ahead. Haptic gloves already exist in a rudimentary form and give players the feeling that they are touching things in virtual reality. When these gloves become essential household items, there could be a massive rise in the number of people wanting to take part in games like craps. Developers will have to pounce at this time and ensure that crap is front and center in people’s minds.

It's hard to argue against the fact that craps need future technology if it’s to compete with the massive online casino genres like blackjack and roulette. Developers could also explore the idea of making games with different themes, though. This has worked well in the slots market, and it could easily be applied to craps too.