The best facts About Craps

Craps is a game that has become very popular across the United States gambling scene, with the game having been depicted in a number of films and TV shows.


Craps allow bystanders to win simultaneously as the shooter, creating a sense of comradery not found in any other casino game.


While it may appear to be a little foreign to players outside of the US, it is possible to enjoy it online when you visit new online casinos not on gamstop as they continue to provide bettors with the best options that are safe, as well as potentially rewarding given the wonderful bonuses that they continue to offer!


Below are some of the most interesting and unusual facts about the game of craps, with each of them truly mind-blowing.

The record for the longest craps dice roll is 4 hours:

Think again if you think it was impossible! Patricia Demauro, a grandmother from New Jersey, defeated the one-in-a-1.56 trillion chance of rolling a pair of dice at the craps table 154 times in a row. Demauro and a companion were enjoying a night at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City when he got bored playing the penny slots and decided to try his luck at the craps table instead. She continued to throw the dice after four hours and 18 minutes, having seemingly developed immunity to "sevening out" during that period.


The audience gathered around the fatigued grandmother to watch the miracle as she rolled every conceivable combination except a seven, which made quite a fuss. Demauro acknowledged to a woman standing next to her that she didn't know how to play the game as soon as she bowed out.

The game of craps has its roots in the Middle Ages.

Hazard was the precursor of craps, and documents from the Crusades have been discovered! Craps was brought to America by French and British immigrants, who had played the game throughout history. When there were no craps tables available, players would squat down to shoot dice on the streets, hence the name "craps," derived from the French word crapaud, which means "toad."


John H. Winn, a dice manufacturer who also developed contemporary betting strategies and helped craps gain popularity throughout the 20th century, came up with the arrangement and style of the modern craps table you see in a casino or online.

Biggest money records of the game

Craps, like all casino games, has its share of stars who get rich after a successful night of rolling the dice. Archie Karas, a legendary gambler, is credited with turning a $17 million inheritance into an astounding $40 million over a few months in the mid-1990s by wagering as much as $100,000 on a single throw of the dice.


In 1980, William Lee Bergstrom wagered $777,000 on the don’t pass line at craps and won.



The table layout can seem overwhelming for a beginner to the game of craps. There are many bets to place, and each bet has its language. It is one of the most popular table games in the casino and one that most casual players would love to know how to play. Craps has straightforward gameplay but can be much fun, especially when playing with friends or other people you know.