Advantages of Online Craps over the casino-based game


Although it’s relatively niche in terms of its fanbase, Craps is a game that is much-loved by those who play it. Whether you’re playing online or in a casino, few games are as chaotically appealing as this one, and the whole atmosphere around the game means that once you’ve played it, you’re immediately a fan. And while the cheers, jeers and general joviality of Craps is something you need to play in a casino to appreciate, the base fun aspect of the game is one that translates well to the digital world.


If you haven’t tried online craps yet, and have been told that it’s a game for the land-based casino player, then don’t be put off. As much as the live casino experience brings a sense of solidarity and a party atmosphere, there are some definite advantages that the online version has that make it, in many people’s view, a preferable game to play. We offer you the following examples…


It’s a lot faster


As fun as the party atmosphere may be, the truth is that if you want to party, there will always be better options than standing at a casino table. And if you want to play and win, the hooting and hollering can become a distraction after a while. When you’re playing craps online, you place your bet, the dice are rolled, and you either cash in or wait for the luck to turn. Bear in mind that a casino craps table can have as many as 20-25 people around it at any time, all making bets. If they’re particularly chatty, that can eat up a lot of time between games. When you just want to play, online craps is the superior version.


You don’t have to remember the unwritten rules


The written rules of craps are hard enough to get to grips with as a novice, and that’s before you get to terms with the “etiquette” of the game - a long list of unwritten rules which really complicate things. For example, it’s not a rule that you shouldn’t say “seven” when betting, but casino players consider it a jinx and if you do it at the craps table, you’ll be looked at like you just kicked the table over. It’s also bad form to bet against the shooter, and even if you win you won’t be congratulated. When you’re playing at home, you can say what you want and bet on what you prefer, and you can celebrate with finger guns if you win without anyone asking you to leave because you’re making a scene.


You don’t have to tip the dealer


This is really an etiquette point as well, but it deserves its own paragraph. Wherever you play craps, you will have a limited bankroll, and every time you dip into it, it gets a bit more limited. In a live casino, you’ll be expected to tip the dealer when betting. It won’t be a huge amount, and you don’t have to do it, but it is expected of you. If you don’t do it, you’re going to look bad, and nobody will pat you on the back when you win. In an online casino, there’s nobody to tip; you can’t tip a random number generator anyway. So you keep more of your bankroll and can use it to bet because the game’s automated.


The game is automated


As we said, the game is automated. In an online casino, you place your bet, and it is automatically deducted from your bankroll. Then, if you win, the winnings are automatically credited to your bankroll. Casino dealers and croupiers are well trained and great at calculating bets and winnings, but as we previously noted, there is the hooting and hollering, large crowds of people, and it’s usually not that well-lit. So things do go wrong sometimes, such as incorrect payouts and chips “going missing” because large crowds are a great distraction for hustlers. In an online casino, you win what you win and it's paid securely to you. If you’re playing to win, of course that’s an advantage.



Craps in a real casino is great fun, and we’d always recommend giving it a try when you go to a land-based gaming house. But there are definite advantages to the digital form, as expressed above.