Get to Know the Different Craps Variants Around the World

Craps is an incredibly popular game. Perhaps it is its unique combination of simplicity while also being full of strategic considerations, that makes it so enticing. There is no sign of this game’s popularity slowing down, and in fact, as it spreads around the world, the types of craps variants multiply.


Here are some of the most important craps variants and some strategic considerations.



Different Types Of Variants Will Be More Or Less Popular In Different Countries

It is important to know which craps variants will be most popular where you are living. It makes sense to practice and get to know the type of craps that will be most common in your surroundings. This way, you can be prepared when you and your neighbors get together to shoot some dice.


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Basic Strategy Can Be Applied

While each variant of craps will have its own rules and, therefore, its own strategy as well, there are also basic principles that you can apply to all or nearly all of them. After all, it is still the same game in essence, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time you come across a new version of this dice game.


For example, there is a form of being an advantage player in each and every version. Unlike cheating, advantage gambling simply understands and uses the mechanisms of the game to make more favorable odds. Dice control is one of the more difficult forms of advantage gambling, but, nonetheless, is possible.

Crapless Craps

There is a new game making its rounds in the casinos, and it is called crapless craps, or never ever craps. While some are wondering if the rollers have the advantage in crapless craps, others are quite sure they do not.


Casinos pushing this game advertise it by telling players that they will never lose their pass line bet. However, this is not exactly true! Instead of losing your pass line when a craps number is thrown, it becomes a point number. The 11 that a pass line win normally comes out on also becomes a point line. This way, the house edge goes from 1.41% in standard craps to 5.38% in crapless craps.


High Point Craps

This is a simple version of craps, but is considerably more favorable to the player. Once they come up on the come-out roll, the numbers 2 and 3 are ignored, and the dice are returned to be thrown out again. The player wins out right if they throw an 11 or 12.


If things go well, the player can have the advantage, but if you do not get the right number on the come out roll, then the house has an even larger advantage.

New York Craps

Gamblers in the Eastern United States tend to prefer New York Craps. It is very different from other games, as it is played using a completely different table, one known as a double-end dealer.


Players bet on box numbers, and Come, Don’t Come and place bets are not permitted in this version. Players are given true odds, which is great. The casino tends to take 5% giving out a 5% edge. It is at least easy to calculate her!


This is a good version to get to know if you are somewhat new to the game. The rules are simple and the odds are clear.


Die Rich Craps

Die Rich Craps is one of the variants with the largest variations. That is because you play it with just one die, making it a great version for beginners. You also will not find it at a lot of casinos. It is more popular in street culture.


In this game, a six on the roll out is an instant win. However, a roll out of one means that you instantly lose.


Any number in between establishes the point, and the roller has three more tries to hit that number without landing a one.