5 things you might find interesting to know about the recent development of the gambling industry


The online gambling industry is a very recent development, having started just before 2000. Still, it has already experienced considerable growth as it now represents about 50% of the world's gaming industry. And its vertical development is closely connected with its underlying technology - without the recent improvements in microtechnology and communication, we would still be mostly bound to physical slot machines in land-based casinos.




And the upcoming developments in the gambling industry are closely connected with this technological boost. So let's examine five of these trends together to understand where online gambling will go in the next five years.


1 - Slot machines become more sophisticated


Slot machines have always been interesting, and their passage to the electronic medium has made them even more so. The technological advancements of our world have made more options possible. Sounds, colors, graphic effects: the best real money online casino in PA offers a wide range of online slots, with features that wouldn't be possible on a "physical" slot - and are continually improved by developers day by day, often through partnerships with entertainment franchises.


2 - Spreading the use of cryptocurrencies


Crypto transactions will become more and more prevalent within the online gambling circuit. The concept of fast and secure transfer of funds without banking fees is perfect for those who work - and play - online, and therefore more and more online portals are accepting cryptos. Today, several gambling sites offer crypto payments alongside traditional debit and credit card payments, and the use of this specific medium to fund people's playing is increasing exponentially.


3 - The rise of live gaming


Although gambling software is now very realistic, nothing beats the human touch of a live poker game, where you interact - even on-screen - with a flesh-and-bone physical dealer. These types of live streaming games are multiplying within the gambling portals, thanks to the possibilities offered by wireless network connections, which now allow to efficiently support the exchange of data necessary to support a live HD stream.


4 - Introduction of new "fusion" games


Of course, the "classics" will never fade away, but the globalization of the world is bringing us into a kind of large virtual community that has access to the customs and traditions of the world and the typical games of each part of it. And so, we are faced with unusual games that are very popular elsewhere, which are integrated and adapted to our customs, creating new and compelling game variants to keep players interested.


5 - VR and AI are the next big thing coming


The first experimental models of VR gaming apps are in development, and while they may not be as comfortable today with their bulky visors and gloves, they are the first brick in the evolution. We know how technology transforms every device by making it small and comfortable, just as it did with our smartphones, so the same will happen with these new interface technologies. In the future, we will all use smart glasses and no more screens, and it is safe to assume that the gaming world will work on these same tools.