Why You Should Steer Clear The Martingale System


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Perform a basic internet search for betting systems, and thousands of results will pop up on your screen. The websites’ owners claim to have devised a sure-fire way to beat the casino or bookmaker by simply betting a certain way. There is a saying that states if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. This is especially true when it comes to “guaranteed” betting systems.


Think about things logically for a moment, and you quickly realize why betting systems do not work. If you found a guaranteed way to beat the casino playing roulette or craps, would you sell the system on the internet for $100 and risk it being discovered, or would you make millions by being the luckiest punter in the history of gambling? Furthermore, do you think someone with the skills to “hack” into an online casino and get past bank-level encryption and security would sell their secrets for $50-$100 on the internet? Take it from us, they would not!


The Martingale System


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Most betting systems are the Martingale System or slight variations of that particular system. This system originated in 18th century France and looks, on the surface at least, as a guaranteed way to turn a profit. However, you are about to discover why the Martingale system is fundamentally flawed. First, it can only be used on bets where outcomes are 50-50 or close to that as possible, which makes it useless for using on sporting events at the online sportsbook mybookie. People use the Martingale system for baccarat, betting red/black or odd/even on roulette, or the various odds bets offered at the craps table.


The simplicity of the Martingale system is what sells it to unaware punters. Each time they lose, the player doubles their bet size and continues doing so until they eventually win. When the player finally wins, they recoup all their previous losses from that stretch and turn a profit. It sounds perfect, does it not? What could possibly go wrong, we hear you ask. Table limits and your bankroll are the two reasons the system is guaranteed to fail, not guaranteed to fill your pockets.


The Limitations of the Martingale System


The system assumes two things that are impossible and, at the very least, extremely unlikely. First, it assumes you have an unlimited bankroll. Your bankroll is the money you have available for playing. If you started betting $10 per hand and used the Martingale system and lost five bets in a row, your sixth bet needs to be $320, and your total losses weigh in at $630. Making it to ten losses in a row results in a $5,120 bet being needed and $10,230 total losses! You can easily see how quickly the system gets out of hand.


The second reason the system fails is that casinos impose limits on the amount a player can wager. They do this to protect themselves by reducing their exposure to massive payouts. Try finding an online casino or even a bricks-and-mortar venue that will allow $2,000-$5,000 bets on an even-money wager. There are not many.


Do not be fooled by promises of untold riches like many people are every day. The best way to beat the casino is to learn the basic strategies of each game, attend seminars from experts, and always play within your bankroll, never betting more than you can afford to lose. Above all, make sure to enjoy the experience and have some fun. There are few activities as fun and exciting as standing around a busy craps table with your fellow gamblers and taking on the house. Good luck!