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Which Casino Games are Good at Giving You that 'Winning' Feeling?

Which Casino Games are Good at Giving You that 'Winning' Feeling?

In 2017, a study found that Americans spent more than $89 billion at land-based casinos, with 82% of that - $73 billion - being spent on gaming. Several billions of dollars more will have been spent on online casinos, those that are easily accessible from your computer, phone, or tablet.


Many attribute the popularity of online casinos to the sensation of the 'winning feeling'; that sense of gratification and achievement, an escape, even if only fleeting. It is hugely entertaining to win at any casino game, but some provide that much searched-for sense of achievement more often than others.


An article on CasinoCenter about the universally most-enjoyed casino games explains that craps is thought of as such because of the effect that players are able to have on the game. In the classic game of craps, how you roll the dice means everything, hence the levels of tension and excitement that keep players returning to the table for more.

The fact that your throw determines the fate of not only your own gameplay but the gameplay of every player on the table makes every move inherently high-risk. So, if you eventually come out on top, the exciting satisfaction of even surviving the game itself acts as the initial reward.


Slot games are also great for that sense of excitement and gratification as every game is brief, exciting and instantaneous. While other casino games may take a little longer to have your chance at winning the jackpot, it takes just a few seconds for the reels of online slots to stop spinning. The classic sounds, imagery and retro aesthetic of even modern online video slots add to the richly exciting atmosphere of landing the win.

Casino games and slots online also feature incredible graphics and often take inspiration from popular TV shows and movies. The excitement of being involved in further extensions of your favorite franchise only adds to the electric atmospheric buzz of most casino environments.


Another casino game, similar to the quickfire buzz of slots, is blackjack. This article about the emotions of success explains that satisfaction is a vital component of this, along with comfort and ease - arguably also important traits to have as a gambler. It obviously feels good to get a win and to feel that your skills and your efforts haven't been wasted at the table, but it's also very satisfying to prove yourself to other players, and to yourself.

In the game of blackjack, you can get that satisfaction by beating the dealer and the other players at the table. The game itself is entirely down to luck and chance, but by playing it 'smart' and making the right decision, it could make all the difference between winning and losing by a milestone.

Win or lose, playing the game is the fun part, so enjoy yourself, practice your poker face, make the right choices and you could be a winner on the next pull of the slot lever.

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