Dominator's Golden Touch Sports Service

What You Won't Get

with Dominator's Golden Touch Sports Service


You will get an email from Dominator's Golden Touch Sports Service with your picks on your computer or PDA. Last minute picks will also be sent to you. During football you might even get wagers during the actual games! Our goal is to give you the best customer service anywhere and give you the best possible wagers!

We are not running Dominator's Golden Touch Sports Service for you to just make bets to make bets. So if you are an action junkie, this service is not for you! For example, you might never get a wagering recommendation from Dominator for your favorite team or we will pick against it if that team does come up in our analysis. If this is a "Lock" pick for your team to lose and you can't bet against your favorite team, please, come on, you are betting to win money.

So just split your mind in two. One part is a fan, "Hooray, my team is winning!" Great, it wins; you lose money. It loses, you feel bad but you win money. So for games where your favorite teams are involved, you have to bet intelligently in the "Lock" pick category - which means bet as Dominator recommends.

If your teams are not "Lock" picks, then do what you want in terms of betting; but "Lock" picks are the strongest betting opportunity, so play them straight up as Dom recommends and don't worry about that fan part of yourself.

You will also notice that we don't promise recommendations every day, although most days we do have recommendations in the "VIP/Whole Enchilada" categories. Neither Dominator, Bill Burton nor I want to lose our money so if we aren't betting any games; we sure as heck aren't going to recommend that you bet the games. We value our money and we value your money.