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April 2007 Letter to Frank Scoblete


You've been a great help. Here are two things that confuse me: Which bets can the player place on the layout unassisted and which does the dealer ONLY handle?

And what does the saying "I can buy back all my Flat Bets on a 7-winner Come-Out Roll when I've already taken Odds on Come Bets, thereby leaving all my bets in position, instead of having the dealer return my Free Odds? I just don't get it.



Dear Stanley:

The player makes the Pass and Don't Pass; the Come and Don't Come, and the Field bet. All other bets are made by the dealers.

If a 7 rolls during a come-out roll, you normally lose all your flat bets on the Come but they return the odds to you. Now, say you have $10 on the flat portion of the Come with $20 in odds. If that 7 rolls, they will allow you to give them $30 and they will put back the $10 on the Come with the $20 in odds. It's kind of a "put bet" but on the come-out roll.

I hope this clears it all up for you.

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All the best in and out of the casinos!
Frank Scoblete