How A Throwing Station Can Improve Your Dice Setting Skills

Open Letter to Frank Scoblete

Dear Frank:

About 4 months back, I bought the Golden Touch™ Dice Control Revolution Book. I use a throwing station that I made on my own, not as good as the ones you are selling, because I have a limited income. I used the basic techniques for dice setting and throwing (particularly the 3Vs). When I first started using the 3Vs, I noticed that I would 7 out after two or three rolls. Sometimes after the 5-Count I would 7 out immediately or after two rolls. I tried all the different types of shots such as stacking, one finger grip, etc. I noticed that I would not last that long as a shooter.

I started playing the darkside and would win at home. I went to the Cannery and El Cortez and tried the same darkside techniques when I would roll using your dice setting and throwing techniques.(Mainly using the 3vs) My skill at shooting with the 3vs surprisingly improved. I miraculously began constantly hitting points and many field numbers (yos particularly) as well as easy and hard 8s and 6s. My rolls began to last a lot longer when I was the shooter about 12 to 14 rolls constantly. (Which was bad for me because I was betting on the darkside.) I constantly hit primary and secondary numbers.

There was still a little error, but I was getting results. The ironic thing was that I was starting to believe that there was no influence on dice setting and there actually is. Thank you for writing that book. It gives me a chance at winning at some thing I like so much, which is craps.


Dear M.A.:

I am glad you are having some success with the 3V - although this is a set that can make you seven-out more often than the Hardway set, it is also the set that if you are on axis then you will hit those 6s and 8s. If you are starting to get consistent in your throws you might decide to switch totally to the right side of the game. You might also consider changing over to the Hardway set to see if you can extend your average roll.

Dominator and I believe that with practice and discipline just about anyone can improve his chances of winning at craps - as you are showing. However, you can ignore those other shots you mentioned - it is the rare individual who can master those. They belong to the more esoteric realm of controlled shooting.

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All the best in and out of the casinos!
Frank Scoblete