Present Your Player Card Before You Start Playing For Maximum Comps

Open Letter to Frank Scoblete


Enjoyed your article, wanted to add a few things:

  • In MANY casinos, the floorperson does NOT have the authority to write a comp.
  • In some casinos <like the one I work in> a PIT BOSS can NOT even write a comp. All of our comps, come from the casino hosts.

The 2 most important things to remember when playing table games:

  1. KINDLY <not nasty> ask your floor to adjust your average bet, if your play is increasing.
  2. ALWAYS, ALWAYS....ALWAYS present your player card!

Yes its nice if the floor remembers your name, but we CANT remember your player number. I cant tell you how many players, sit there for hours, DONT present their cards, then "whine" they can't get comped.

Love reading you Frank, you're good for the industry

Table Games FLOOR Supervisor