With The 5 Count Method You Can Decrease Losses At The Craps Table

The 5-Count Really Helps Me


Hello Frank,

I wrote to you earlier this year with some questions about the 5 count. You answered my question and then found the answer in your book "Beat The Craps Out of The Casinos". I continue to read and re-read the books you have written about the game of craps. This is the gist of why I'm writing to you again.

I started keeping track of what I was winning or losing. While I started the year on a good note and being up over a thousand dollars I have fallen behind. I sort of went on a losing streak of 5 straight losing sessions and fell behind for the year by a thousand bucks, during this streak I remember during at least 3 of these losing sessions I was up a couple of hundred dollars before giving it back along with a good chunk of my buy-in which is about $300. Like most craps players I like playing the game but most of the time I just don't know when to walk away whether I'm ahead or behind. Well I went back to your books mainly reading for the sake of something to read and I do like the stories you tell in your other book "The Craps Underground", and just by reading about some of the mental edge needed a few things clicked I guess. A winning streak has developed again.

I have been faithfully using the 5 count the whole time and while at times it got frustrating with random rollers sevening out on the 6 or 7 count. But for the most part it has been a BIG HELP with my play. Plus I think I'm sort of getting a sense of "when to walk away" and during this small streak I have walked away and sometimes I came back later and played ,sometimes just left the casino and went home.

Like I said in my earlier letter I in no way fancy myself as a dice controller. I though think of myself as a random roller with a careful toss and doing this small win streak I have had a few good rolls, while I know for the most part it is lady luck on my side I would like to think my toss and my dice set (hardway set or all sevens on a come out roll) might have a LITTLE influence. I have noticed in a few of my tosses that I must have gotten my toss just right that I got the dice to bounce once and just stop dead at the back wall. Plus where I play most of the time (Hollywood Casino Aurora, IL) I don't get any heat from the crew. I get a friendly reminder every now and again if I don't hit the back wall. If it happens then I usually put a bet down for the crew and it keeps everyone happy. It has also made me someone they remember when I come to play as I'm someone who plays when I can afford to do so and whether the see me once a week or once a month they know me by name.

I guess I just wanted to share this with for more than anything to just to let you know that some of us who play the game of craps are trying to practice the things you are writing about.

Thank You for your time

Steven S.

Dear Steven:

By using the 5-Count you are losing less money overall. Although the 5-Count can't give you an edge over the random rollers, it saves you money, gives you great comp value and helps locate controlled shooters. You can check out Dr. Don Catlin's article on our web site at http://www.goldentouchcraps.com/proof.shtml to see a complete study of its effects.

All the best in and out of the casinos!

Frank Scoblete