Learn Controlled Shooting In A Professional And Positive Environment

A GTC Letter from a Student


Dear Frank and Dominator and ALL the GTC Instructors:


I attended the March [2006] Atlantic City class. Even though there were 60 students in the class, the fact that you had 15 great instructors meant that we were in groups of 4 students for 1 teacher. I was able to learn something from each and every instructor as I made my rounds with my group.


[The hotel] where you held the class was beautiful and the ballrooms where the class were held were just great. You spared no expense and that was obvious. In GTC your saying can be, "You get what you pay for." Small group lessons and great hotels where they are held.


I want to thank you for being such a class outfit.


I was skeptical that this class would be any good or that I could learn the Golden Touch™. I’ve read a lot of criticism on the Internet from your competitors and from people who just don’t think controlled shooting works. Some of this criticism is very nasty and very personal. Well I had my eyes opened big time. First I got to see all the coaches actually shoot the dice in the class. Their shots were great. Frank and Dom took us step by step through the coaches throws, showing us everything that they were doing in order to have influence over the outcome of their rolls.


Then I was one of the lucky ones to be at the tables when GTC instructors and former students played. I saw some of the BIG NAMES have great rolls and I made back the money I spent on the course in one session of play. THAT I didn’t expect. That was a lucky break for me!


The class was really strong in the hands-on and when I was finished on Sunday I was exhausted and needed to take a nap. I am not as young as I thought I was!


I intend to practice and do exactly what you told us to do and I hope in six or eight months to be steadily beating the casinos at their own games.


Yours truly,


William D.