How Craps And Blackjack Courses Have Helped One GTC Student

Open Letter to Frank Scoblete


You can use this in your publicity because you deserve it, Mr. Scoblete. I was a gambler for many years in the casinos of Atlantic City and Las Vegas and I was a big time loser with a capital "L" because I played for what I called "fun" which was another name for losing. I was comped up the whazoo because I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.


The casino hosts loved when I came to their casinos because they could count on me to play stupidly. My favorite games were craps and blackjack and I made the dumbest bets at craps always trying for a big score and I played blackjack by the seat of my pants thinking I had some kind of feel for the cards. I should have known I had no feel because I lost nine times out of ten.


I played long hours, maybe twelve a day, more than I worked when I owned my own businesses. I am retired now. I would have been one of those senior citizens you see feeding the pigeons on the Boardwalk of Atlantic City in a torn coat if I hadn’t awakened from my stupidity.


First I started to buy books on gambling. I found yours to be the best written with the best advice. I took the Golden Touch™ craps course and did everything you and the instructors said to do. I kept my betting sane and I practiced the 5-Count and I practiced the throw. I am not a great controlled thrower. I have a small edge. My SRR is only one to 6.5 but it is enough for me to make the six and eight place bets and over time I am now ahead at the game thanks to what I learned in Golden Touch™ Craps. There is a big thank you from me to everyone in Golden Touch™. I also have to say that I love the private web site [The Craps Club] and all the great posters there. I have met some of them and played craps with them in the casinos. I haven’t won every time but I win enough to see my ban account for gambling grow.


Last year I took the Golden Touch™ Blackjack course and learned Speed Count, which was so easy, I almost fell off my chair. I now play with a small edge over the game of blackjack too and I no longer worry about a "feel" for the cards. I know when the shoe favors me and whenit favors the casino. Yes, I still get comped to everything but now I am not only taking free meals and shows and rooms and parties, I am taking the casino’s money.


I have you to thank for this.


Yours truly,


Joe M.