GTC's Blackjack Classes Can Prepare Your For Success At The Casino

A GTC Letter from a Student


Hi guys!


I just had to write to tell you about an amazing night I had recently in Las Vegas. I started out at Ellis Island, a little casino on Paradise Road near Flamingo Road. I bought in for $300 at a $5 doubledeck table, betting $20-$80, feeling very conspicuous with everyone else betting $5 or $10, and in an hour and a half won $700, with no heat from the pit at all. The cage girl even said "Oh my" when I gave her 10 black chips. Also I had the best cheese pizza slice I've had outside of Mack & Manko's in Ocean City, NJ. And for those of you who play craps... they have the teeniest craps table I've ever seen.


Then I went to Tuscany... a very nice hotel/casino on Flamingo. They were having a promotion where you get a bottle of wine for every suited blackjack you get, if you have a player's card. So, of course I got a player's card, and in an hour won $100 and three bottles of wine! No heat from the pit there either.


Then, for my final casino that night, I went to Hard Rock. I bought in for $300 at a $25 table.... and couldn't lose. I got seven... SEVEN... blackjacks with a high count. And if I was dealt a 14, with a hundred dollar bet out, I drew a 7. It was amazing. The pit boss was falling all over me. Of course I had to get a card, but he was like... "Is there anything I can do for you? Do you need a room? Are you hungry?" He was leaning on the table next to me nearly the entire time. The place was filled with sexy young women, but he only had eyes for me, and my three huge piles of green chips. We talked about everything (boy, was it hard to keep the count... probably his strategy). He wrote down restaurants for me in Atlantic City... we discussed Borgata... Turning Stone... Foxwoods... Mohegan Sun... Massachusetts... New Jersey... he never shut up!... or left me alone. Anyway, in 50 minutes... 50 MINUTES... I colored out with $2100!!! Oh my God! And the dealer made out good... she probably made about $100 with my side bets, and I gave her a green chip when I colored out.


So, in a little over three hours I made $2600, plus three bottles of wine! Can you believe it? Oh what a night.


Anyway, I had to share that with you all. I hope you are doing well, and have a great Thanksgiving.


Best wishes,