Proving The Captain Really Does Exist

8 Reasons Why the Captain MUST be REAL by Steven R. (GTC - GTB Graduate)

This is an expanded version of a post Steven put up on our private members-only board.

The people who think the Captain is just a figment of Frank Scoblete's imagination have to be the stupidest people on earth because the Captain MUST BE REAL. Here's why I think so.

  1. In his book Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos Frank Scoblete not only writes about the Captain and the Arm, he also writes about maybe 20 other members of the Captain's Crew. All these people are either real or they are also lies from Frank.
  2. If they are all real but the Captain doesn't exist, then they are ALL LIARS. That is hard to believe.
  3. I say they are all real because SATCH, one of the GTC instructors, is in that book too and he is described as a barnacle named Dave (which is Satch's real name) and his wife Annette worked the Jamboree in Windsor and she is in that book too. I met both of them! So I know they are both real. There are also pictures of them on this web site.
  4. Is it that just these two are real and all the others are fake? I doubt it. Unless Satch is a liar and Annette is a liar.
  5. The beautiful AP says the Captain exists. Is she a liar too?
  6. Dominator says he talked to the Captain on the phone. Is he lying too?
  7. Las Vegas Ray says he played with the Captain. Is he lying as well?
  8. For the Captain not to exist we need Frank to be a liar, Dave to be a liar, Annette to be a liar, AP to be a liar, Dominator to be a liar, Las Vegas Ray to be a liar, and some 20 other people in the first book to also be liars.

That's a lot of liars, too many. Don't you think so?

If the Captain is real then all these people are telling the truth. What makes more sense to you? About 30 people lying in a gigantic conspiracy instigated by Frank Scoblete or all of them telling the truth?

It is so obvious that it is ridiculous to think the Captain isn't a real person and now the world record holder beating Fujitake's 118 rolls. The Captain is real and great too!