How Our Craps Seminar Made One Craps Player A True Believer

A GTC Letter from a Student


Dear Frank and Members of GTC:


I just finished taking your Chicago seminar. I came in as something of a skeptic after watching the History Channel Show about you guys but I have to say I am now a true believer.


The way you structure the course was great. There were four students for one teacher and so even though you had about 50 people at the seminar, we were all given extensive and very intensive hands-on instruction. The lectures were excellent and you kept them short so that the main thrust of the weekend was working on the Golden Touch™ throwing technique with your great teachers.


I am very happy that you understood how to structure the betting as well. Too many craps gurus advocate bad bets. You showed how to establish our edge and how to bet that edge properly. Your information on how to handle the random rollers was excellent too.


But the highlight of the weekend, the thing that sent the buzz around the crowd like nothing I’ve seen even during hot rolls at a craps table, had to be the display of shooting by Dominator on Sunday morning. I could see that all your instructors are excellent shooters and I could see that you are a great shooter too with all those 6’s and 8’s you hit, but Dominator was totally awesome.


I remember on the History Channel show they challenged Dominator to hit the 10 and Dominator said it would be a hard 10. And he hit it. I thought that was just baloney for the television viewers.


On Sunday morning as Dominator was showing us his throw, he rolled a four. Then one of the students laughed and said, "Okay, let’s see you do what you did on television. Throw a hard four."


Dominator smiled and said, "You want a hard four? Okay, the next roll will be a hard four."


He changed his dice set but I couldn’t see which one it was and then he aimed and those dice were glued together. Sure enough it was a hard four!!!


Everyone clapped. Then Dom rolled a 9 and someone jokingly said that Dom should roll that 9 right back.


"I’ll roll it right back," said Dominator, "I’ll roll it 6:3."


There were over 50 people watching this. Guess what? HE DID IT!!!! He rolled the 9 as a 6:3.


So the weekend was great; Dominator’s roll was beautiful and I got much more than my money’s worth. GTC is the real deal and I am so glad I took this course. I am now working on my craps rig to perfect my Golden Touch™.


Thanks to all the instructors, Howard "Rock ‘n Roller," Jerry "Stickman," Street Dog, Nick T, Joe "the Colonel," No Field Five, Mr. Finesse, Bill Burton, Jake from Pitt; and Tenor.


The course is so intelligently planned and functions so well that I really can’t think of anything I would change.


Thanks again.