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A GTC Letter/Book Review by Jim Christa

Hi Frank,

I recently watched a special on the history channel about "Breaking Vegas" featuring yourself and the Dominator. I really enjoyed the show and decided to buy one of your books "The Craps Underground" and just finished reading it.

First, I thought the book was an excellent mixture of real life examples in multitudes of locations with various postive and negative experiences shared.

A few things that really hit home that I also have noticed over the last 20 years of playing craps:

  1. The personnel at Tunica are much friendlier than Las Vegas -- I"ve never had a bad experience in Tunica. I always stay at the Horseshoe but will also play at the Gold Strike and Sheraton but mostly the Horseshoe. The casino personnel are very generous on their comps and go out of their way to make you feel welcome --- much different than some of the rudeness you experienced in Atlantic City and New Jersey.
  2. I"ve always noticed in Las Vegas that the dealers are friendlier at places that are not as expensive. Example: The Golden Nugget downtown, Four Queens, Las Vegas Club -- all seem to appreciate the business more than the higher priced casinos on the strip. I"ll definitely try out Treasure Island next time I'm in Vegas as I love the Casinos on the strip but generally have found the personnel to be less accomodating.
  3. The Captain and yourself hit the nail on the head when using observation to determine which shooters appear to care and those who seem to be there for the entertainment only regardless of what happens to their money.
  4. I appreciate the tip about the Five Count as I find the most frustrating part about Craps is how many people crap out within the first few points of establishing the point. I"ll employ this method on my next visit to the Casinos which is later this month as I meet some family in Tunica.
  5. Wonderful story you shared about the Hawaiian guy who was playing the Don't pass line and being obnoxious. My friends and I refer to Don't pass players as Dr. Death and really enjoy rolling the dice and having the point show up right underneath them.
  6. Excellent personal story you shared about the 8th Grade basketball team you played on and beating the best teams in New York including one led by Lew Alcindor -- later becoming Kareem.

Anyway -- just wanted to let you know how enjoyable your book was and I plan on checking out the goldentouch.craps web-site to see about signing up for one of the craps courses.

Jim Christa