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A GTC Letter from a Student

Dear Frank and GTC:

I took the Golden Touch™ Craps Course exactly one year ago and I want to tell you my experiences with the technique because I think it will help others if they read this.

In class Frank kept saying that it takes about six months of almost daily practice to get fairly good at dice control but being stubborn I figured I would head right into the casinos and play right away. Two days after class finished I was in the casinos in Las Vegas.

For the first time I used the 5-Count and in a week of play I have to say that it saved me a lot of money on the chicken feeders [random rollers] and even more than normal because I bet very low on them as Golden Touch™ suggests we do. Where I had trouble was with my own rolls.

I was nervous as could be when I was rolling. I thought everyone was reading my mind that I was trying to actually beat the casinos with my Golden Touch™ controlled throw. I fumbled in the beginning with my sets and took too long to aim. My rolls were bad for the whole week. I am not kidding; I may have had only a half dozen hands that I won some money in and maybe a hundred that I lost. At least it felt like that.

During one of my casino visits I met "Willy" who had taken the Golden Touch™ course a year previously. Willy made me some very good money as he had several good rolls in a row. After we played together, Willy told me that it took him 9 months before he felt relaxed and good at the table but in those 9 months he practiced every day for at least 15 minutes but usually a half hour. His roll looked very good. He also said that I should leave the casino and go home and practice. He then told me how much he had won since he started playing and I was very impressed.

After my disaster of a first week, I did as Willy and GTC said to do. I went home and I practiced for six straight months using the SRR as my guideline. I stayed away from the casinos. When my SRR on my practice rig got to 1:6.8, I felt I was ready for the casinos. I would use the 5-Count on the other players, bet low on all chicken feeders who made it through the 5-Count, and I would relax and bet my own throws.

I have now been playing for five straight months, using the skills I learned from Golden Touch™. I am ahead by quite a bit of money – mostly because I win money on my own rolls. I still practice every day, even before I am to go to the casino. I live right outside Vegas so I play maybe four days a week. I figure I am just about in the long run already so my wins are not a fluke. I don’t win every time I get the dice but I win enough to keep adding to my gambling bankroll.

Everything I learned in the Golden Touch™ class was right on. The instructors were excellent and what Frank and Dominator talk about in terms of money management and discipline was on target. There is only one way to beat craps and that is the Golden Touch™ way.

With respect,

Jonathan H.