Golden Touch Craps

GTC Craps is an athletic endeavor

by Dominator

Most of you know that I bet on sports and watch many, many games. Last night I was watching the NBA as I had some action on six games - I won them all - and was thinking about my youth.

Unlike Frank who was the star of his basketball team (his team actually beat Lou Alcindor aka Kareem Abdul Jabbar's team in a championship game), I was second or third string. I was a pretty good second baseman in little league, and never played football in high school because of my size. My best sport was pitching pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

It got me to thinking about our GTC throw and how I always say that what we teach in Golden Touch is an athletic endeavor. We stress the importance of the grip, the swing, and then the hand eye coordination that is needed to hit the same sweet spot on a craps table over and over again. The Golden Touch throw doesn't take strength like football, or height or strength like basketball. It takes dedication to practicing the little things that are important.

Over the years we have taught many students that didn't have the coordination as a child, but with practice they became great shooters and money winners!

Anyone with the patience and dedication to practice the things that make a great throw can do this. It can be frustrating like golf is, but when you throw that great shot; you know you can do this!

Practicing the grip is first. Over and over again without throwing the dice you must get the grip perfect. You must hold the dice with your middle finger and thumb, and your index finger and ring finger must just lay on the front of the dice just to create an axle if you wish, for the dice to rotate off. The three fingers in the front has to be perfectly straight across the front and there can't be any splitting of the dice. If you pick them up and look at them with a mirror, a great tool for this, or just turning your hand to see them, they have to look as one. You can't practice the grip enough. I would practice this for hours without throwing them!

Next you can start to throw. Pick up the dice and take a little pause to locate the spot on the table that you want to hit. Now you can throw them making sure that your arm swing is perfectly straight across your body and hit that spot! Don't worry about numbers that come up, but make sure that the dice are traveling in the air together as one, and you are hitting the spot that you are aiming at. This doesn't take much strength, it takes much PRACTICE.

Anyone can be an athlete in craps. All it takes is practice, dedication, and more practice.