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Dominator’s Domain

by Dominator

Dear Dominator:

Your prices are very high. I mean paying $1995 for a two-day course is unheard of except maybe for really big high rollers. Your low price at $1495 is still a reach.

Why are your prices so high when other craps control courses are cheap?

I would really like to know.

Yours truly,

Ben Meirs


Dear Ben:

Very good questions, Ben. There is no doubt that Golden Touch Craps (GTC) is the most expensive dice control class in the world and with good reason. And our tune-ups, advance classes, and private lessons are also expensive.

Other than saying you get what you pay for – just take a look at some of the benefits of Golden Touch Craps dice control courses.

First you’ll learn to play with a real edge by learning a real throw and how to bet into a real advantage. There is no Mickey-Mouse, pie-in-the-sky betting BS when you learn the right way to do everything. Learn the GTC controlled throw; bet as we tell you to bet – in short, follow our instruction and when you become a controlled shooter you should make your money for the class back in spades.

Without GTC, that $1995 would be spent in a casino with you being just another one of the over 54 million losers who go to the casinos every year.

Now check below:

Okay, check out all the products you get in the primer classes (http://www.goldentouchcraps.com/packages.shtml) – all highly professional lines of merchandise, including best-selling books published by real and reputable book publishers, real manufacturers of our grippers, tote bags, pens, dice and our wonderful professional DVD.

But the main reason why we charge so much is the fact that we are flying our dice control instructors – the best dice controllers in the world – to various cities to teach you and this requires money for flights, hotel rooms, other transportation, and food. We pay these instructors great salaries to cover those expenses and to pay them what they are worth.

When you take our classes, you will have no more than 5 students in your actual group (most times you will have 4 students in your group) – because we believe in personal, intense, hands-on instruction. In the 1.5 hour tune-ups, there are no more than two students!

We train you from the very beginning to be able to shoot on the three most frequently encountered table felts and fabrics. Those various tables are all brought into our classes – stored in warehouses in each city where we do our dice control courses.

We hold our seminars in top level non-casino hotel ballrooms such as Sheraton in Atlantic City, Alexis Park in Las Vegas and Hyatt in Chicago. The amenities during class are excellent as well.

Okay, we give you the best of the best in every way – including lunches with your instructors – and we do this to make it possible for you to beat the casinos at their own games.

To top it off, you usually get to be instructed by Frank Scoblete, casino gambling’s greatest author and one of the greatest dice controllers who ever lived.

Oh, and you usually get me too!

Always play with an edge,


Golden Touch…because winning is the most fun!