by Dominator

Craps TrainingDear Dominator:

You may have answered this question many times but I want to know why the casinos let you play when they know you can beat them? It doesn’t make sense to me that the casinos will kick out card counters that they catch but allow dice controllers to play undisturbed.

Can you answer this?

Yours truly,

Damian H.


Dear Damian:

The first mistake you make is thinking that casinos never "ask" dice controllers to leave their floors or to stop playing dice. Both Frank and I have heard: "Sir, you can play any game you like except craps." That also applies to blackjack as well.

Now one of the big problems casinos have with the whole idea of dice control is the fact that you really don’t know who is any good and who isn’t since so many players now set the dice before they throw and many of these try to throw gently. Are they competent? Or are they just random rollers trying unsuccessfully to look good?

Unless you play extensively at one casino so that they get a good bead on you, they probably won’t know that you didn’t get lucky but that you actually are winning money and beating them with skill. My advice to good dice controllers is to spread your action around so that no casino really knows how good you actually are.