Dice Control - The Mental Aspect Of Controlling Dice At The Craps Table

Craps TrainingYour Mind is the Most Important Element of Dice Control

by Dominator

If you have read our book The Golden Touch™ Dice Control Revolution, chances are that you read the chapter on the POWER Plan. This chapter focuses on a mental program that can be used at the craps tables as well in your daily lives. No matter what athletic activity you do, and dice control certainly is a type of athletic activity, you must have a program in your mind to stay focused at the tables. This is essential in increasing the likelihood of performing at your highest physical as well as mental level.

There are three principle approaches that can be used at the table when you are about to shoot. I talk about a three-principle approach because you must be able to do this quickly as the dice are being passed to you. Taking too much time at the tables will lead to heat from the dealers. Most other mental steps are just too long. You must get into a tempo or rhythm that you will use all the time at the tables. This will get you focused on the task at hand, which is throwing a good shot.

The three principles are:

    1. The principle of beginning
    2. The principle of concentration
    3. The principle of focus

The principle of beginning is to give you the shooter a starting point and to narrow down all other thoughts in the shooterÂ’s mind. I like to say that this will give you an "empty mind" where all thoughts except for the thoughts of the dice remain. This usually begins with a physical cue. For me this cue is twirling my ring. I have some of my instructors wipe their fingers off on their shirts, or to blow on their fingertips. You will have to come up with your cue, but it must be a physical movement. This cue will indicate to your conscious mind that it is time to get down to business of throwing the dice. So practice this cue away from the table. Put your fingers together or touch your ring and see the dice traveling together in the air.

The principle of concentration comes next. At this point look down the craps table and see the spot that you want your dice to land. You want to see that spot and only that spot. All other distractions are gone.

The final step is the principle of focus. This is the most important step. After I find my spot on the table I begin to visualize the dice rotating in the air. I will say a specific set of numbers like 4/2 in my mind and I can see the dice stopping on 4/2. I then take a breath and throw the dice.

The important thing about the principle of focus is in empting your conscious mind so that your subconscious mind takes over.

So I am asking you all to take the time to try these three principles of dice control at home and then take them to the tables. When your mind is right your wallet will grow!