Learn Why Dice Control Skills Can Vary From Position To Position At The Craps Table

Laissez Fair just isn’t Fair for Novices
by Dominator


When the Golden Touch™ Dice Control crew is playing together at a table, we will have all the positions covered – the craps table belongs to us. In the past, we would only have four shooters – on stick left 1 and 2 and on stick right 1 and 2. The rest of the players would pass the dice back to these positions. If one of the shooters were hot, he would stay in his position until he cooled off or until we ended the session.


However if a shooter were not hot after three turns with the dice, he would give up his spot to another skilled GTC shooter. This was the dice equivalent of a Chinese fire drill and it made for many great victories over the house.


The good old days are gone. Doing our version of a Chinese fire drill just brings too much attention to the Golden Touch™ Craps dice controller. Instead we now have one shooter on one end and one shooter on the other end of the tables, the farthest positions and the worst from which to shoot, take the dice and give it a whirl as well. With 50 percent of the table shooting, we tend to look like regular players just having fun. Those shooting from the ends of the table are probably no better than random rollers, although some of us have put in our SmartCrapsTM rolls to see if we have an edge from so far away. Indeed some of us do. My edge when I shoot from the end of the table in such situations is about 13 percent based on the analysis of my rolls done by SmartCrapsTM but my edge is almost double that when I shoot from my normal position.


However, no matter who shoots from the end of the table, we treat them as random rollers and usually just make come bets with odds on them after the 5-Count.


Now, should novices be taught table-end shooting? My opinion is that this is too hard a shot to master in the early stages of a dice control career – the first three years of a career certainly. It might be too hard a shot to master at any point in a shooter’s dice control career.


I practice my shot from the end so that if I am selected to be an end shooter when we take over a table, I can still throw the dice with some control. Frank Scoblete and some other GTC instructors also can handle the end-shooting but Frank says this about that, "Unless you are playing at a table with a full compliment of controlled shooters, it makes no sense to do any end-shooting. Even with some modicum of control established by computer analysis of a throw, you are still reducing your edge with end-shooting. It’s best to follow the normal GTC game plan which gives you the best chance to have a controlled throw. Most players are not going to be at tables filled with skilled GTC students and instructors."


Stick right 1 and 2; stick left 1 and 2 are by far the best positions for controlled precision shooting. Only a very few can really do the end-shooting with any ability. So if you should ever see me or Frank or any GTCer shooting from the end just think one word, COVER. Then try to get onto that table because it is loaded with great shooters!