Craps Table Positioning Quandary - An Article By Dom Loriggio

Get Advantage Play Backups
by Dominator


Say I go to the casino tonight with the idea of shooting those dice and making some money from the casino. I arrive and my shooting spots are taken at the table. What do I do?


Most gamblers would just take any other spot open and plunk down their money and play. That’s why the casinos win. People are gambling, bucking the house edge and ultimately almost all gamblers lose.


What I do if my craps table spot is not available to shoot at is simple. I walk over to the blackjack game, check to see if it’s beatable, and if it is, I sit down and play the incredibly easy Golden Touch™ Blackjack way using Speed Count and our Optimum Basic Strategy (OBS). That gives me between a one-half and one-percent edge, depending on the game and my betting choices. I’ll take that edge because over time I will come out ahead at this game – and get comps galore.


And what if all the blackjack games are full and there are no seats available? Then I go to the poker room and play some Texas Hold’em.


There are games where you can get an edge over the house and there is no reason to go to a casino and play games against house edges. You can play video poker at full 100% or more payback, craps with the Golden Touch™ controlled throw, blackjack with the Golden Touch™ strategies and Texas Hold ‘em – if you are good enough to beat the other players and the house rake. Frank Scoblete has even worked out a way to get the edge at some of the Pai Gow poker games, which he has revealed on our private Craps Club web site.


Our motto in Golden Touch™ is simple: Play when you have the edge; don’t play when the house has the edge. That’s an easy motto to remember. Add this to the motto: If you have several advantage games you can basically play any time you go to the casino. If you only have one advantage game, you might find that you can’t play at certain times.


So learn to beat several games. That’s the best advice I can give you.