Beginner Craps Tips For Those Just Learning Dice Control Skills

Craps Tips To Play By

Listen Up or Be a Sucker
by Dominator


We just finished a wonderful course in Chicago. It was sold out as usual, with 44 anxious students wanting to learn the Golden Touch™ method of dice control. We set up our classes so that there are 4 students to 1 teacher and the students get to see each and every teacher during the course of the weekend.


(To the 16 students we had to turn away, sign up for one of our courses in Vegas or Tunica – but don’t wait as these are just about full too.)


It is intense, great personal attention in a GTC course – which is what dice controllers need as they start out.


The most difficult thing for most craps players to learn is the wastefulness of most bets at craps – the Horn, the Whirl, the Any Seven, all those other one roll bets that the Captain calls Crazy Crapper bets. Very few dice controllers have a powerful enough edge to overcome such high house-edge bets. And why would they want to? If you are shooting with a 20 percent edge over the house (based on the analysis of the Smart Craps Software) why bet something dumb like the Horn where you will only realize a 7.5 percent return when you can bet a 6 or 8 and realize an 18.5 percent return?


Too many craps players think all the bets of craps are equal; they are not. Beginning dice controllers are literally slitting their throats by "seeing a horn" and then "betting a horn." That is dumb. That will lose you a lot of money in the long run.


Unlike many players who turn to card counting at blackjack, craps players have the gambling heart and they have to be trained to see the game in more confined terms. These terms are simple: My edge is this; what bets can I make the most money on.


It’s simple, really, but the hardest thing for craps players (and new dice controllers) to learn.